WiFi Calling feature not available on Teracube 2e

Hello I’m teracube 2e user
I live in countryside area and vowifi / wifi call feature is must to me
Vowifi worked good on my initial software Android 10 06 version but it is old and no security patches
Hence I tried update to teracube 13 & 12 updates, in settings we can find listing for VOwifi feature
but enable it does no change and i cannot make use of vowifi
This is a major issues and should be addressed soon

I’m very frustated with no update on this, I think the promise of providing stable update is gone in vain, also android 12 and teracube 13 beta is not google verified

I request to fix my problem with utmost priority otherwise i will need to switch to another brand and dump teracube

@Sharad @Saijin_Naib

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Have you tried 11.0.4? Vowifi works fine for me, and I’m still getting the monthly Google Play system updates and it’s certified so I can tap to pay.

Vowifi not working on 13’s first beta is a known issue noted in the download post and likely doesn’t need to be reported again.

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Our latest Android 13 Beta 2 has Wifi calling. Check it out.