Wifi calling not working on O2 SIM?

Any update, eta for a fix, anything on this issue?

I am relying on WiFi Calling to be reachable on a German number (O2 SIM that worked until I installed the 2e_16 upgrade. Now I am dead in the water. This is a dealbreaker for me using Teracube phones. Please fix this

I use AT&T on a Samsung S8 running Android Pie, and WiFi calling works fine.

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Hi @Elke - I had to pull out the post as it was getting confusing in the bigger thread. Just to clarify 2e still supports wifi calling on all carriers except AT&T.

Are you using O2 SIM or AT&T? If it is not AT&T, then wifi calling should be available in settings.

just to add some other data points: our 2e does not support Wi-Fi calling on non AT&T networks, at least in our case on T-Mobile USA and Vodafone IT. hope that this helps.

Good to know, thank you!

Just curious after the Android 11 update. It appears WiFi calling still doesn’t quite work the way I’d expect (USA ,T-mobile).

It does seem to say it’s on, but there’s no way to really know if it is or not. Furthermore, you cannot turn on Airplane mode, then turn on WiFi and connect and then make a call, which is how I was used to using WiFi calling on other phones.

Edit: I did notice that there’s a little phone with WiFi symbol in the top bar next to the time, so it does indicate when you are connected via WiFi vs normal network. You still just have to have the network on.

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I’m using T-Mobile through Red Pocket (GSMT) and both VoLTE and WiFi calling seem to be working. I get the WiFi calling symbol when Wifi is connected and WiFi calling is enabled (phone app shows up in WiFi data usage list), and the standard non-WiFi call symbol with WiFi calling turned off.

However, if I set WiFi calling to “WiFi Only” for some reason it doesn’t work; I get a message telling me I need to connect to a network before I can make the call even when WiFi is connected and working.

Edit: When I checked the test menu (##4636##) is shows that WiFi calling is provisioned (although button is “greyed” out, can’t be changed), but when I check the “IMS service status” menu, I see that voice over WiFi is not available.

So I guess WiFi calling / VoWifi isn’t working after all.