Wifi calling not working on O2 SIM?

Any update, eta for a fix, anything on this issue?

I am relying on WiFi Calling to be reachable on a German number (O2 SIM that worked until I installed the 2e_16 upgrade. Now I am dead in the water. This is a dealbreaker for me using Teracube phones. Please fix this

I use AT&T on a Samsung S8 running Android Pie, and WiFi calling works fine.

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Hi @Elke - I had to pull out the post as it was getting confusing in the bigger thread. Just to clarify 2e still supports wifi calling on all carriers except AT&T.

Are you using O2 SIM or AT&T? If it is not AT&T, then wifi calling should be available in settings.

just to add some other data points: our 2e does not support Wi-Fi calling on non AT&T networks, at least in our case on T-Mobile USA and Vodafone IT. hope that this helps.

Good to know, thank you!