Will the 2e be more stable than the Teracube One?

I’ve seen quite a few bug reports in this forum and the Amazon reviews of the Teracube One are poor. I know that many people are happy with their Teracubes, but I don’t want to risk it. There are lots of consistent complaints, which suggests there were some fundamental flaws in the software.
My Nokia 8 needs replacing both due to hardware faults and infuriating bugs, and the Teracube 2e is a perfect fit- reasonably small screen, sufficient specs, good price and built to last. However, I don’t want to be a guinea pig! I could keep my old phone as a spare in case of major bugs, but I don’t want to be caught out when I need my phone the most.
Have lessons been learned from the Teracube One? Will the 2e be more stable?

Hi @Demetri - thanks for your interest in Teracube 2e. You have some valid concerns. I will like to say that we are a startup that is learning from its experiences and improving things as we go. We don’t have it perfect yet but we are doing better than where we were maybe a year ago - in all fields like hardware and software development, customer support, and repairs.

Feel free to read reviews of Teracube 2e here on our forums and on Indiegogo as well. And ask any questions you may have.


Thank you very much for your reply. Specifically, how likely is it that the 2e might have major bugs? There were multiple complaints of calls not coming through on the Teracube One, which obviously defeats the object of having a phone in the first place!
Have you got better software testing in place to make sure the 2e won’t have any major bugs? I can cope with the odd glitch, but I’m very worried about being caught out by a major bug.
I’d love to buy a Teracube as I believe in your mission as a company, but no one in their right mind would buy a phone when there is a risk of major bugs e.g not accepting calls!

We have done fairly extensive testing on the US networks and standard 3GPP testing in the lab. However actual field testing by users is the real test. Hence it is best to read reviews from users.

Calls not coming through sometimes happens due to the default Phone app (built by Google) having a corrupt state. This could happen on any other Android phone as well. This is easily solved by these steps in most cases.

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