[Advanced Users Only][Teracube 2e 2nd Batch (SN: 2021)] LineageOS 19.1 Beta [emerald]

Note: LineageOS for SN:2021 (Emerald) has been pushed without Google Apps. Builds with Google App support should be pushed out soon.

LineageOS 19.1 is out for the Teracube 2e SN 2021 (emerald). Teracube 2e SN 2020 (zirconia) is still a work in progress, owing to the commonization of the code available at github.com/teracube-mt6765-devs.

Kernel source is up at github.com/arcadia-oss/mt6765, branch emerald-s-oss.

You are welcome to build, test and contribute to the code.

Builds without Google Apps are pushed, and builds without Google Apps will be pushed soon.

i finally found the download link to be
https://github.com/teracube-mt6765-devs/releases/releases/download/19.1/lineage_emerald-img-eng.gagan.zip (why isnt that included here directly, would save some clicks & time). but is that including gapps or not, did not understand

is one of the “without” a typo?

yes, it is a typo, I apologize for that. GMS builds will be rolling out soon with Teracube 2e 2020 coming down the line with September/October patches.