[Advanced Users Only][Teracube 2e 2nd Batch (SN: 2021)] LineageOS 19.1 Beta [emerald]

Note: LineageOS for SN:2021 (Emerald) has been pushed without Google Apps. Builds with Google App support should be pushed out soon.

LineageOS 19.1 is out for the Teracube 2e SN 2021 (emerald). Teracube 2e SN 2020 (zirconia) is still a work in progress, owing to the commonization of the code available at github.com/teracube-mt6765-devs.

Kernel source is up at github.com/arcadia-oss/mt6765, branch emerald-s-oss.

You are welcome to build, test and contribute to the code.


Builds without Google Apps are pushed, and builds without Google Apps will be pushed soon.

i finally found the download link to be
https://github.com/teracube-mt6765-devs/releases/releases/download/19.1/lineage_emerald-img-eng.gagan.zip (why isnt that included here directly, would save some clicks & time). but is that including gapps or not, did not understand

is one of the “without” a typo?

yes, it is a typo, I apologize for that. GMS builds will be rolling out soon with Teracube 2e 2020 coming down the line with September/October patches.

update: we’ve got the SN:2020 version of Teracube 2e up and running on Lineage 19.1 without issues. Will be performing sanity testing and fixing minor issues and publish an update soon for both devices, with the October security patch.

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which one?

where? please provide a link!

i would like to give it anogther try - were there any updates? i would be especially interested in an update of the modem firmware because it sometimes hangs on call innitiation.

can you please provide a clear list of links to the 4 different versions of the image for download?

somehow like:

SN:2020 SN:2021
gapps ht…zip https…zip
free htt…zip h…zip


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I’m working on getting them to a stable baseline. You can join the beta testing group if you want to try out bleeding-edge builds that may or may not have everything working (minor issues only)
I’ll be releasing them subsequently on XDA - including the GMS versions. I will have the table as you specified hopefully

i am not a big fan of xda because there everything is so screwed up and i often cant find what i’m looking for. here it would be much easer to have a link, download, install & go.

thanks for your efforts on lineage!

can you point me to how to join the testing group?

What unit do you have?

There will be a link to download the builds from XDA, do not worry :smiley:

Please join Telegram: Join Group Chat for beta testing.

Thank you for the kind words :smiley:

You mean “2e SN:2021 Emerald” without gapps?

I’ve flashed the beta on my 2021/Emerald 2e and so far, so good! Performance seems to be on par with the stock Android 11 build.

The only issue I’ve run into so far is that VoWifi doesn’t work. I will get the “T-Mobile WiFi Calling” marquee scrolling in the notification pull-down as expected and IMS Service Status shows that IMS is registered and voice over WiFi is available, but placing a call via WiFi fails and falls back to LTE. Sometimes it fails so hard that the IMS stack seems to crash and fall back to EDGE. This is with Mint Mobile (a T-Mobile MVNO) as the carrier.

Is there a preferred place to submit bug reports? :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if the Lineage builds support VoWifi. @Gagan - can you confirm?

@micredd - could you post this in the Teracube OSS telegram group as well. https://t.me/teracube_oss

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VoWiFi should be working - please provide a bug report to opensource@myteracube.com or on the Teracube OSS Telegram group provided above. I’d be glad to help you out as soon as possible

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it is so difficult to follow your work here because i dont know from where to download the images and the installation doc. you said you wanted to provide non-xda links - ist that possible?

i found Release 19.1 · teracube-mt6765-devs/releases · GitHub but that doesnt tell if gapps are included or not.

in the meantime i can provide some observations i discovered with the previous LineageOS versio:

  • i had massive problems with some apps (element, kisslauncher, f-droid classic, …) to which i could not switch because it took too long. it seemed to be a memory problem. i found out that the app list gets incredible huge. when you press the app-list-button some are shown (about 5 or so) and if you wipe those away and press the button again you see another 5 and again and again. if you repeat that wipe until all apps are gone the apps mentioned are running smoothly again. is there a problem with to many apps hold im memory?
  • while my headphone-jack works fine with one headphone or a loudspeaker it does not with my headset. it just doesnt detect it. no clue what’s wrong, the headset works fine in other devices.
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New LineageOS 21.0 is now available at [Advanced Users Only][Teracube 2e 2nd Batch (SN: 2021)] LineageOS 21.0 [emerald] !

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