Advisory - [US] Issues related to AT&T / Cricket (or other ATT based MVNOs) - April 2022

We are getting reports of users having issues calling or accessing data on their AT&T / Cricket or other ATT MVNOs like Tracfone, RedPocket-ATT. This seems to be related to ATT’s 3G shutdown and is apparently affecting non-Teracube phones as well. This is despite the fact that both our phones - Teracube One (T1) and Teracube 2e (T2e) are certified by ATT for VoLTE (4G).

If you are running into problems, then here are a few things to try:

  1. Try the suggested APNs (from google or in our forums)
  2. Try a soft network reset. Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options.
  3. Call your carrier to see if they can reset your connection or if they have a suggestion.
  4. Not an easy thing - move to a TMobile-based network. Options listed here.

Hi Sharad,

Presumably you had to deal with some high-level ATT techs to get your phones certified. Do you think you might get back in touch with them and see if they know what’s going on and when it might end? Downshifting to 3g (phone says 4: which is it? I thought LTE was 4) from LTE to use the phone as a, you know, phone, is getting sort of tedious. You’re a small player in a big bad phone world, but we civilians aren’t even walk-ons, won’t get any respect.