Android 11 update for teracube 2

Very pleased to have the May security update. When will the android version be updated to 11? Has the experience of the successful security update provided more insight into the process needed to update the android os?

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Please see post

Yes, that is the link to the May security update that Spencer mentioned. I’ve just fully reread the whole thread and see no reference to Android 11 in it. Is it in code?

11 for each device is in dev, from previous posts.

Getting SW16 and T1-10.0.0 certified has been a huge learning for us and yes are much more confident of the process going ahead. We are still polishing up few things (like the 10.0.1 release). Work for Android 11 has started as well - we will post something when we are getting close to a beta.

On a related note, there is a lineage 18 build out (Android 11).


with the lineage 18 and wifi calling not working for many its not really an option

It’s a nice proof of concept, if not quite to the daily driver level.