Android auto working?

Could folks with Android auto report here if it is working with Teracube (or not).

  • If working, please state what are the steps you took to get it to work. And version of your car stereo/Android auto.

  • And if not working, version of your Android auto and what exactly is broken.

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Mine is working after the update. Before the update, I only tried once and it gave me an red screen on the phone saying my vehicle wasn’t compatible. It did however mention the the time. (my car has been on the slow side). I updated the cars time, it didn’t fix it imediately, but I had no issues the next time after the update but I’ve only tried google maps and the voice with maps.

2018 hyundai elentra se

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my Android auto had a few times before with a scrambled screen, but I haven’t seen it for a while.
On the immediate side, mine was fixed by unplugging and plugging it back in.

Well yesterday voice didn’t work. It was though the microphone was not activated. The google dots stayed flat… I dunno. I’ll continue to update.

I still have some issues with Android auto.

  1. Google voice doesn’t always work. I use it almost exclusively with Google Maps. After selecting the microphone, the equalizer graphic doesn’t move, like the microphone isn’t on. It stays flat. A work around seems to be to disconnect the phone until you get the option to turn off google maps on the phone screen. It mentions something like it’s not responding…do you want to close. If I leave the selection up on the phone and re-plug the phone open maps then select close. It doesn’t close maps, but then google voice won’t work. It says something to the effect of this feature is unavailable at this time. I know it’s restarting a service but I haven’t tried to determine which one. In a minute, I can now use google voice again and it will hear me i.e. the equalizer graphic moves and it responds.

  2. Another issue when using google voice/maps. When it is working. After I make a request, it says something to the effect of I’m not able to help you with that request but then google will map it out. It’s a little annoying, but near as bad as the voice issue.

  3. Lastly, If I move off of a call screen while on a call, I can’t get back to it. This is especially annoying because I can’t hang up. I will be on someone’s vocie mail or what ever but I can’t hang up. My car hang up button doesn’t work. I can only get back to the call by disconnecting the phone via usb. Bluetooth will remain connected but now I will see the call.

not android auto, but I’m not creating another post right now–

  1. I would like to report that I have had the phone reboot on me several times in succession. I believe I was using the flash light for some time.

  2. I saw this elsewhere but the phone doesn’t always seem to ring

I do like the phone, but please don’t stop the updates. It still needs some bug fixes.

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Regarding the Android Auto and random reboots, could you try :

  1. Clean cache partition
  2. If that does not work, you can try backup and factory reset.

We are looking into setting up an Android auto unit for testing. Will update here once we have something (~ 1-2 weeks).

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I followed the instructions. Well part 1. I’m not about to do a factory reset right now. I’ve got it rooted and my contacts and …apps…etc…

I haven’t had the reboot issue in some time but I’m still having the other issues. Mainly, Android auto. I only tested it today, so I’m not sure if the voice is working consistently now or not but the other two issues remain (2 and 3). I wouldn’t count on 1 being fixed either, but we’ll see.

Also, I want to make a note. I think the Samsung matched the volume with my radio volume. I don’t actually mind this, but I have to hit android auto speaking directions in order to change it’s volume.

I’m guessing this will confuse some people. Let me explain. I listen to the radio while I have google maps/android auto directions running. The radio goes silent for a moment when google maps is speaking (if I’ve turned down the volume on the phone previously). I can raise the volume only when it’s speaking. If I’m before or after it only affects the radio volume. So if you don’t know what’s going on, it’s easy to miss. I think Samsung matched the Radio volume, if I’m not mistaken. This really doesn’t bother me but it may confuse some.

Again, I want to reiterate. I’m really enjoying the phone. I would like to have some of these Android Auto issues ironed out, but it’s not dire and I’m still really enjoying this as my daily driver.

I gave away my S9 today! :wink:

We are working on having an Android auto setup in our (home) office soon. Will be able to simulate these scenarios after that.


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