Android auto working?

Could folks with Android auto report here if it is working with Teracube (or not).

  • If working, please state what are the steps you took to get it to work. And version of your car stereo/Android auto.

  • And if not working, version of your Android auto and what exactly is broken.

Mine is working after the update. Before the update, I only tried once and it gave me an red screen on the phone saying my vehicle wasn’t compatible. It did however mention the the time. (my car has been on the slow side). I updated the cars time, it didn’t fix it imediately, but I had no issues the next time after the update but I’ve only tried google maps and the voice with maps.

2018 hyundai elentra se

my Android auto had a few times before with a scrambled screen, but I haven’t seen it for a while.
On the immediate side, mine was fixed by unplugging and plugging it back in.

Well yesterday voice didn’t work. It was though the microphone was not activated. The google dots stayed flat… I dunno. I’ll continue to update.