Any updates on continued Software updates?

Teracube is advertised as supporting 3 years of software support. Any updates on what concrete limits there are? I understand that there’s an android 13 beta that is available for testing (I’ll probably be trying it out when time permits).
But I’m wondering if the teracube team is aware of whether android 13 would be the last android update? or will there be more for the teracube 2e?

We are planning to work on Android 14 and 15 too. Work will be slow but worth it. For example, Android 13 builds are clean, look good, and are smoother/faster.


So the company lied about 3 year support? but in a good way. You guys will support more than 3 years. This is great news!

Checkout the new certified update (Android 13), here!

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Thanks for the update! I’ll definitely check it out.