[Beta][A10-August] 10.1.0 for Teracube One

** Warning **

  1. Please backup your data before proceeding.
  2. This is a test build. While it may function as expected, keep an eye out for issues!
  3. Not for the faint hearted. This is Beta software. If something goes wrong, you might lose your data and might have to re-flash using SP Flash Tool.
  4. Few apps might not be available in the App store like Netflix, Disney+ (this is due to the build not yet certified by Google), and others such as Google Pay may not work.

We have a new pre-release security update beta for the Teracube One. This build fixes the following over 10.0.X:

  1. August 2021 Security Patches
  2. Fixes for AT&T and Cricket
  3. Fixes for various carriers, enables IMS for most supported carriers
  4. WiFi Calling (WFC) feature for supported carriers
  5. Other misc fixes

If you are on 10.0.X, you may install this build to receive AT&T and Cricket fixes. Do remember that this build is not certified yet, Google Pay and a few other apps may not work as intended.


  1. Download the upgrade zip file directly on the phone (or transfer the zip to the phone).
  2. Path to the update utility depends on your OS

Android 9 users
2.1 Goto Settings > System > About phone > Wireless Update
2.2 Click top-right 3 dots > Local updates

Android 10 (Beta and 10.0.*) users
2.1 Goto Settings > System > Advanced > Teracube updater
2.2 Tap top-right 3 dots > Local update

  1. Tap “Internal storage” and browse to Downloads or wherever you transferred/downloaded the update zip file.
    Note 1 : If Internal storage does not show anything, then reboot the phone.
    Note 2 : Do not download the update to SD card.
  2. Select the file and continue the update process.
  3. Phone will power off and restart by itself. Don’t press power button.

Let us know how it went and post your questions/feedback here.


Does the upgrade zip contain MTK FlashTool flashable partitions? If not, can you provide it?

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Here you go (SPFlash 10.1.0).

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Android 10.1.0 for the Teracube One was released as a beta version in August of 2021, more than six months ago. Is there now a fully certified version available or some other certified version newer than 10.0.1 for the Teracube One? #android10 #teracube-one

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Hi @billmania - 10.0.2 is stable and certified (it was also pushed as OTA to all Android 9 users). Please note the special mention for any Android 10 users upgrading to 10.0.2.

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@Sharad Got it. When is 10.1.0 expected to be fully certified for the Teracube One?

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Can we get a repost of this, if not an update? I need to reflash this version.

Fixed link. Also done in the article.

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