Issues with mobile network after upgrading to Android 10


I own both a Teracube and a Teracube 2e. I recently upgraded to Android 10 on both devices. I live in Quebec, Canada and my phone carrier is Fizz. I have Canada wide coverage and everything was working properly on Android 9. Now on Android 10 when I leave Quebec I can no longer make phone calls, send text messages or connect to mobile data.

Here is the the info in SIM Status in Quebec and in Ontario:

Hi @Winnicki - Is this happening on both phones or T2e only?

It’s happening on both phones.

Could you share logs (howto). T1 logs would be useful to start with.

Also - it might be worth it for you to move one of the phones back to the previous build just so that you have a working phone.

Idk if the problem is fixed here but I had the same, here in France. Everything was fine, but after the update I had no 4G, no coverage. Now I kind of fixed it with “roaming” but I still can’t receive any images by messages and the mobile data isn’t great.

@Louise_Fct - do you have a T2e or T1?

Hi, I’ve the same issue with Teracube one in Italy. With the upgrade signal is less powerfull than with android 9. I lost data connection quite frequently.

@darionato @Louise_Fct - I’m assuming you both have T1 - 10.0.2 build. 10.0.2 requires a factory reset for proper network configuration to kick in (it is mentioned in the release notes here). So you have 2 options:

  1. Do a backup and factory reset while staying on 10.0.2.
  2. OR install un-certified 10.1.0. Everything works here except you might not find Netflix on play store and few banking apps might not work.
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Yes a T1. I’ll try the second option (and as I will send my phone for repair soon anyway the bugs I might encounter won’t bother me for long…) I hope it will work ! I’ll update if not