Bluetooth choppy with static and limited range

I purchased a Teracube 2e to replace an LG V20 on the T-Mobile network. Generally, I really like this phone with one glaring exception. The bluetooth implementation is in my opinion poor at best. I connect my Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R hearing aids and it works straight ahead at a distance of about 12 inches or so. If I move any further away or turn my head from side to side the bluetooth streaming becomes choppy with static and drops off completely. My hearing aids never had this problem with the LG V20 or with my laptop and it’s frustrated me to the point that I’m considering my TeraCube 2e a failed experiment and I’m once again considering purchasing a new phone to replace it. It’s sad because this is otherwise a great phone in every other respect.

I’m sorry to hear that. My wife has Phonak Audeo Qs and they have been nothing but nightmares across numerous phones to the point that we’re actually considering throwing money down on that stupid Audeo Link device :grimacing:

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to help you.

Thank you for responding to me! The thing is that my Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R hearing aids seem to work well with everything else aside from my Teracube 2e and Teracube support seems reluctant to admit that there might be a problem with the phone’s bluetooth implementation. It reminds me of Apple.

That’s funny. Our audiologist told us that only iPhones work with any of the hearing aids reliably and that we should just replace all our phones. That was a big nope :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry you’re having issues with them. I know how frustrating that may be.

Hi - my feelings exactly! Big fan of the phone in every other department, and in terms of being more sustainable. But the bluetooth is ABYSMAL! Extremely choppy audio quality as soon as it goes in my pocket. Do we know if this is a hardware or software problem?

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The bluetooth on mine works pretty well. I use it with my car - about 3 feet usually, my bluetooth speaker - oontz rain dance - routinely about 25 feet, and bluetooth headphones - bludio - also routinely about 25 feet. So, I wonder if there might be a qc problem with some of the phones since mine works quite well. Or perhaps the bluetooth receiver makes a difference?

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I agree with you that it might very well be a qc problem with some of the phones. I really like the Teracube 2e. I’d love it if the bluetooth worked on my phone, but Teracube Support hasn’t given me the option to try another one because they won’t acknowledge that there might be a Bluetooth issue on some phones like mine. Frustrating.

I have had complaints with everyone I’ve talked to with the bluetooth in my car. No problems with the first edition phone, just this one.

Hi @Michael_Bertoni - at this point it seems like a common issue across all units where the Bluetooth performance is 20-30% lower than what is expected. This accentuates the issue outdoors where Bluetooth typically has lower range as compared to indoors.

The performance does vary depending on the Bluetooth device. For example, I get quite different range for airpods vs Anker headphones (see notes here).

We are evaluating few things in software to see if the issue can be compensated somewhat.

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