[Broken] [Certified | Pre-rollout] Android 11.0.3 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020)

Yes it wasn’t good before but is worse now. I will try manual focus, but that is not the way I like to use a smartphone.

Regarding the macro focus issues, one note is that the minimum focus distance is apparently 0.08 meters, just over 3 inches. You can see that with certain camera apps where the manual focus actually displays the focus distance as you’re adjusting it. Both Manual Camera DSLR by Lenses Inc and ProCam X by Imagi Mobile have that feature.

I’m currently still on 11.0.2 and am waiting until after the AgentFabulous build mentioned 5 days ago has been released before testing 11.0.3 or 11.0.4 or whatever that release will be. No sense in jumping into a depreciated build with known issues unless I’m forced by work needing security updates, and that hasn’t happened for me yet.

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Hi Guys,
Just updated to 11.0.3 and I too have lost all my SMS messages although I’m not bothered about that.
What is more concerning is that I have also lost the ability to unlock my phone via fingerprint. It does not appear as an option to select in settings/privacy and the fingerprint extension service app is missing.
Was this expected and is there a way to revert to the previous build as this is rather annoying?

A prompt fix would be appreciated.


My experience mirror’s that of the above user. After updating from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 most SMS messages were gone; fortunately I backed them all up with an app called SMS Backup & Restore before updating.

However my fingerprint sensor stopped working after the update, and the option to enroll a fingerprint has disappeared. When I opened some apps that previously used biometric prompts I would still see the prompt to “enter biometric details” but it would just show a text box and accepted my device’s PIN code. I’ve tried restarting the phone and removing my device’s PIN code but that did not fix the issue.


Another issue I have subsequently found is that the calendar no longer syncs with my third party calender widget. The Google calendar app still syncs fine but the other app, not so much.

As you can see below calendar is set to sync but is two days behind everything else, which is the time I installed the update. Manual sync does not work and the date does not change.

finger print sensor HAS TO BE BROUGHT BACK ASAP!!! my wife is REQUIRED to use only the fingerprint at the office she works at for certain medical apps. now she is dead in the water with NO WAY to use her device. she had me update due to the camera issue she was having of simply not opening at all in most apps but now she can no longer log into the apps for work AT ALL. this needs to be fixed asap this phone is now a paperweight for her. and my daughter is also not happy as she also only used the fingerprint to use her phone. but for my wife this is something she needs to figure out asap!!

i can not do a reset on her phone. in case you guys ask. she has apps on there that we would have to have the reps come back to the office to reinstall and get her re signed up so we can not easily do that.

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Can you tell us the widget name - we can test it as well.

Hi Sharad,
The widget I use is Smooth Calendar (its pretty old now) but I also tested it on Business Calendar 2 Planner and the same issue.
Also, the “at a glance” at the top of the home screen is set to show calendar events and it is only showing calendar events that were entered prior to update.

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@mastershake @vertie @Tim - we have reproduced the issue and are looking into a fixed update. Factory reset will not fix it.

You can either wait for an fixed update from us or you can go back to Android 10-SW16 using the SPFlash process (careful with the SN:2020 notes).

Suggestion: Either use the firmware upgrade option in your SP Flash or do a factory reset after installing SW16.

Do you have a timeline for the fixed update?

We are in the process of checking logs. If its a minor fix, then we could have an update by this weekend. If not, then it could take longer.

Could we update the list of known issues in the initial post to include fingerprint sensor missing and possibly third party calendar apps not syncing?

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The fixed 11.0.4 build is live now.


Hi @Tim - we tested both the widget apps on 11.0.4.

The Google sync shows “Calendar” just as you showed with the refresh icon. Not sure if that is an issue with Google sync or something on our side.

And I can reproduce some inconsistency with the Smooth calendar widget and another widget I use. Both of them are able to show events from one of my google accounts but not other. We will keep testing this.

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I’ve since factory reset the phone so I’m going from 11.0.2 to 11.0.4 rather than 11.0.3 to 11.0.4.

Fingerprint scanner is working as well as it did in 11.0.2.

Call logs were preserved after update to 11.0.4, however the Messages app was blank and I could not send a new SMS. SMS Backup & Restore produced the output in the attached screenshot when I tried to use the SMS wipe function inside that app to start over, indicating that database corruption had occurred.

I managed to get SMS working again after running this adb command: [adb shell pm clear com.android.providers.telephony] to completely wipe the SMS database, then restoring from backup.

Thanks for reporting this. Just to confirm - only thing you did was factory reset, right? Factory reset does not change the Build itself. So if you were on 11.0.3 before reset, you will stay on 11.0.3 after reset. This means you upgraded from 11.0.3 to 11.0.4.

Please confirm that all you did was reset and not use SP Flash?

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Yes, I reverted back to SW6 via SPFlash, then upgraded to SW16, then 11.0.2, then factory reset so I had a clean build of 11.0.2.

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Thanks Sharad,

Fingerprint access is restored.

I have tested Smooth Calendar and also the widget you use and neither is updating from Google Calendar.

Hi @Tim @vertie and everyone else who had 11.0.3 or had installed 11.0.4 prior to Aug 28 - please install the latest 11.0.4 (we updated it on Aug 28, 2022).

All prior issues including SMS handling and 3rd party calendar syncing have been fixed.

Even if you already have 11.0.4, compare your Build string by going to Settings > About phone > Build (latest build string is 11.0.4+75a3294.user).

When are we getting a full update? I am begging to feel totally cheated.