Camera app - (Android 11 update - SN: ...2020)

The new camera app works a lot better.

Unfortunately there are some glitches/improvements:

  • When I start the camera, it defaults to ‘beauty’.
  • It could be that the icon to switch between front and back appears, but mostly it isn’t visible. Is it only a selfie mode? (See 2nd image right bottom icon)
  • The gear in the ‘beauty’ section doesn’t work. Settings are at the bottom and kan be switched via arrow. It obstructs the view.

Interesting. I just tried the preloaded camera app (post Android 11 update) and it crashes when I try and take a picture. Fortunately the “Open Camera” app still works properly.

“Beauty” mode almost seems to be like a default “mirror” app, and you have to select the regular picture-taking mode to the left as seen in your second screenshot. It would be nice if you could change the settings and set what mode the app defaults to upon opening… Assuming it works at all.

Ah yes, I posted something in the main post, this; [Certified] Android 11 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020) - #20 by curiousAndreas
I had to reset the camera app. (Wipe cache, wipe user info, don’t know which of the 2 did the trick, just did both)

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As suggested by @curiousAndreas … could you Clear Storage under Settings > Apps & notifications > Find “Camera” app > Clear Storage

Clearing the caches seems to work for the first two times when opening the camera app - the first time I approve the location permission, the second time I re-approve the location permission. The third time (and every time afterwards), it goes to selfie mode.

Same experience here. Cleared data, on 3rd opening, selfie mode.

Default experience is now ‘Wide’.
With Wide, I can’t change any settings. As expected? Maybe the ‘gear’ shouldn’t be there than.

Can’t scan QR-codes… Camera app crashes when going to ‘Scan’ (also after clearing cache and storage).

Can it be made possible that I can scroll through the list of modes instead of switch and switching… to the one I want?


Can you please try the new camera app that we released as Beta? Much faster and better QR code functionality as well.

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