Canadian users - what carriers are you using with Teracube?

Please reply here if you are using Teracube in Canada with the following information:

  1. Carrier name and any plan details like prepaid/postpaid, etc
  2. Your province, city/area (optional)
  3. Your experience - what works, what does not, etc.

This will be very helpful to other Canadian customers.

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Edmonton/Alberta here.
I have two sims installed. One is with Petro Canada Mobile which is a prepaid service on the rogers network.
The other sim is on a contract with Telus for voice/data.

Both work as expected.

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Hello I have been using Teracube One with no issues.

  1. Videotron as the main with partner networks also of Rogers Bell and Telus
  2. Main use in the National Capital Region of Ottawa but used all over Quebec and roamed on Rogers mostly full LTE
  3. You need to program the APN into the device it will not populate with just the SIM. Speeds are fast, but it is only Voice over 3G not LTE and no WiFI calling is supported.

@CKSB - could you share the working APN settings for Videotron. Is there a link you used?


I am using Public Mobile, but I wouldn’t suggest it for now as data is not working! Hopefully this problem will be solved soon, but until then the phone only works on wifi


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