Clock in top left incorrect

This is kinda funny, but sometimes the notification tray clock doesn’t update, though the system knows the time. See attached.

Notice how the time in the settings (the correct time) is different from the tray version. It’s happened 3 times since I got the phone.

I was doubting my eyes but now I know that I’m not the first person who encounter this problem :slight_smile:

Thankfully my main homescreen has a giant clock on it, and my sense of time is pretty good, so each time I’ve always been like “hey wait a second”. But yeah, it’s weird :sweat_smile:

I know punting everything to the known bug sounds weird but this clock mismatch happened to us as well and is definitely caused by that :blush:.

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This is going to be an awesome update then :stuck_out_tongue:

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My clock is still incorrect and I have the update. Not sure what is causing that?

You might want to try a cache cleanup. If that is not enough then a factory reset.