Cricket Wireless on Teracube One

is there going to be some kind of upgrade to make the Teracube phone work on Cricket Wireless system again?
I bought my phone from you less than 1 year ago with a 4 year guarantee and now it wont work on Cricket, which I have been a customer of many years.
Please advise

What we know as of now is that Cricket and AT&T will keep working on Teracube One as long as you do not swap out your SIM cards. Can you tell us how your Cricket connection stopped working?

Ideally their new activation policy only applies to new phones like Teracube 2e. This is an ongoing discussion in our forums here.

Currently we are pursuing AT&T (and Cricket) certification for Teracube 2e. Once that is complete, we will talk to AT&T about Teracube One as well.

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