Message from AT&T About My Phone Not Compatible?

Traditionally AT&T has enabled Wifi calling only on AT&T branded phones. However this is a new world recently :). So maybe.

As mentioned earlier, T-Mobile gives both VoLTE and VoWifi on Teracube and many other BYOD phones.

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Called AT&T. Updated my device IMEI. Then they couldn’t enable VoLTE for me because the Teracube isn’t certified with AT&T.

So I think had I had a Samsung with VoLTE / Wifi Calling already enabled and then moved the SIM card to my Teracube it would work. But since I had a Pixel 1 XL and Huawei before my Teracube it cannot be enabled until certification happens or I get a phone IMEI with both those features enabled

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Mine has the 00 as well. Only shows LTE on upper right corner, but I have the 4g toggled on, as well as, the wi-fi. Seems the ATT community has been talking about this for about a year now! BTW, my reseller is PureTalk for the ATT network, so I would have to contact them for an updated SIM?

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Mine has a 00 in the 9th and 10 digit as well, yet VoLTE seems to work. It’s very odd.

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Just my 2-cents of experience with AT&T and jumping devices, first a little background:

My last “Officially Certified” AT&T phone was the Moto-X (xt1058 “ghost”) on Launch, direct from motomaker (google) assembled in Texas … paid in full 2013. Not subsidized from AT&T.

Since then, I’ve used all kinds of phones, none of them certified. I’ve never registered their IMEI with AT&T (not required under their TOS, but they like to have it anyways, my advice: don’t give it to them if possible). As long as the frequencies line up, everything seems to usually work. Frequency is a good resource to see if a device will work properly.

If you upgrade your SIM card, in order for their network to enable & recognize VoLTE on that sim, you will need to use a “Officially Certified” device for about 20-30min. Any AT&T VoLTE smart phone works. (another reason to keep a cracked screen device IMHO)

I’ve heard from other people (on XDA and such) that the BYOD business model is forcing AT&T to end this, my SIMs are current so I have no idea if this is true.

Work for me is starting back up so my time is limited, and I will end up with a required company work-phone. If I get around to putting my Teracube back to stock I will use a network tool app (NetMonitor PRO by Vitaly) and get a few log files then get back to everyone; unless someone beats me to it.

Sorry about the text block, the video meeting/training I am forced to endure is boring.


Just following back up on this since CricKet is pushing this advisory SMS out to customers right now:

3G Network Shutdown

Cricket Wireless is committed to supporting the growth of mobile Internet and providing the best customer experience. As a result, Cricket plans to end service on 3G (UMTS) wireless networks by February 2022. This will allow additional space on Cricket’s mobile Internet network. At that time, Cricket will require all customers to use a compatible HD Voice device for voice-and-data plans or an LTE-capable data-only device for data-only plans. If you currently have Cricket service on an HD Voice-capable device or an LTE-capable data-only device that is compatible with the Cricket network, you will not be impacted by these network changes.

Starting January 19, 2021, Cricket will no longer activate devices that customers bring to Cricket if the device is not HD Voice-capable or an LTE-capable data-only device compatible with the Cricket network.

Current customers:

  • Without an HD Voice-capable device need to upgrade to a compatible device by February 2022 and should not move their SIM card to another non-HD Voice-capable device.
  • Who move their SIM card to a device that is not HD Voice-capable will experience an interruption in service. Important: Moving the SIM card back to a non-HD Voice-capable device will not restore service, even if you previously had service on that device. To restore service, you must move the SIM card to an HD Voice-capable device that is compatible with the Cricket network.
  • To determine network compatibility, check your IMEI.

New customers attempting to activate service:

  • Can purchase a device sold by Cricket, or
  • Can bring their own HD Voice-capable device, or an LTE-capable data-only device, compatible with the Cricket network.

To determine if your device is compatible with Cricket’s network, check your IMEI.

Checking my IMEI/MEID:

That being said, I have not experienced HD Voice/VoLTE/VoWiFi working on my Android 9 handset, and I’m a bit reticent to SIM-swap to my testing Android 11 one currently to see if they’ve finally turned it on network-wide.

So, from my reading, all ATT/CricKet TeraCube One customers should be fine with the upcoming network change, so that’s lovely.

As of today, their tool no longer shows the Teracube as compatible!

@Sharad, this is big ruhroh.

We are already in the process of getting Teracube 2e certified for AT&T. Once that is complete, we will look into Teracube One as well.


Thanks so much

Hi @Chris_Schafer - did you have an existing AT&T SIM or were you activating a new one?

Can others with AT&T confirm their experience?

From what I understand for the Teracube_One, as long as your SIM doesn’t move between the incompatible and compatible phones, they won’t lock your service.

If I were to move my SIM to something else and back, my account will be locked.

Since I’ve not moved our SIMs since we got the Teracube_One, we’re okay with service until the cut-off date.

My wife and I also have positively ancient Cricket SIMs, so who knows what that means in all of this.

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Sound like you should have been doing both phone certifications at the same time.

So will the Teracube 1 get certified with AT&T so that we can update the IMEI number with AT&T and get VoWiFi/VoLTE/HD Voice.

That’s the plan. Hopefully it happens soon for everyone :slight_smile:

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We will look into T1 certification after Teracube 2e gets certified. The process is stretched out and expensive - so we want to finish 1 phone first which was already underway.


Any news about certification? I’d like to keep the same phone and not have to buy a new one

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We have been working with AT&T for T1 as well. Its a slow process - waiting to hear back from them on the latest communication.


Following this topic. I also got this notification.

FWIW, my sim was moved from a certified device when I got my One and for several months I had the VoLTE icon and it appeared to be working that way during calls. Eventually AT&T must have figured out I’d moved the SIM to an uncertified phone though, and it stopped working with VoLTE. That was about 6 months ago. Not a super huge deal, but of course it’ll become one next year if they stick to this schedule.