How to enable location tracking on Thrive? [Answered]

Location tracking is now available in the Teracube Thrive Parent app (starting version 1.4.9). If you do not see location tracking under your child’s profile, please update your parent app from your app store.

Alternate 3rd party options for location tracking

Important steps for Life360 (and other 3rd party location apps)

Note: These steps are only needed if you use a 3rd party app. They are not required for the native tracking in the Teracube Parent app.

  1. Provide background location access when the Life360 or Microsoft app asks for it.
  2. Both apps will ask for disabling battery optimization. Follow their steps in doing it.
    2.1 Check under Settings > Apps & notification > Special app access > Battery optimization. Life360 should be “Not optimized”.
  3. Allow Life360 under Duraspeed:
    3.1 Open Settings App > Duraspeed
    3.2 Duraspeed should be toggled on.
    3.3 Seach for Life360 and toggle it on.

Steps to get Life360 working

On the parent phone

  1. Install Life360 app on the parent phone
  2. Configure Life360 and form a circle

On the child’s phone

  1. Install Life360 on your child’s phone and open it.
  2. Allow Life360 in the Teracube Thrive Parent app.
  3. Open Life360 on the child’s phone and add it to your parent circle using the code provided by the parent’s Life360.
  4. Last but not the least - follow the above “Important steps” to allow Life360 to run in the background.
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