[Important Read] Difference between the 2nd batch VS 1st batch of Teracube 2e

Thanks. Hopefully one of the versions arrives soon! I’ll leave it in the box til then.


Leaving mine in the box too for the same reason.
Unfortunate, since AT&T will abandon my old phone at the end of Feb.

I decided to try mine out when it arrived today. I moved the SIM to the 2e, called Red Pocket (AT&T version), since it didn’t work out of the gate, and they did some tweaks at their end and it started working, albeit on the awful Google version of Android 11. It would only work for a few minutes however before it stopped receiving and making calls. Data and texting worked, but no voice calls. 5 support calls and several hours of SIM removal and re-insertion and restarting have not improved the situation, so I am giving up and sending it back.
I may have kept it despite the Red Pocket issues if it could have run Lineage or /e/, but I didn’t find out that it couldn’t until after I paid a $100 premium over the original 2e that did run them, which kind of took the bloom off the rose to start with.
Hopefully some of the Linux phones will mature soon :slight_smile:


It’s too bad the 2e didn’t work with your provider, but as an owner of a 2e and a pinephone, I will say, the 2e is much closer to primetime ready than the Linux phones. While LineageOS doesn’t work yet on the 2022 batches, I trust that they are working on it. Currently (at least for most of us) we have a brand-new, functioning phone with decent specs and an unlockable bootloader for around 300 USD. Once I enabled certain apps under Duraspeed, I was able to view all my notifications in real-time with no issues. I can’t say the same for my Pinephone yet, and I’ve had it for 2 years. I wish both projects the best, but I believe Teracube’s product is much closer to production-ready than the Linux phones at this time, but still impatiently waiting the release of LineageOS for this as well

If y’all were gonna make changes like that, then you could have at least swapped in a new usb chipset that allows usb-c to usb-c cables and power adapters.

I mean… wow, like, all around. Never heard of something like this happening. The “same” phone will now need two different development paths? That’s bad. Bad for the promise of 4 years of support, bad for official rom development, and really bad for custom rom dev.


Gotta say I’m on the same page as Icantremember. Requiring a separate build but not calling the device something different is as confusing as Motorola’s making scheme. I also feel a bit cheated on that I thought I was paying $300 for a device that already has an established aftermarket ROM community in /e/, Lineage and Iode just to find out that it’s a different device but with no improvements. On top of all that not having any updates since October! On an apparently new for 2022 device (how does that even work). Really feels bad.


Hey - sorry to keep you all waiting. I am ready with a build for LineageOS, I just need to set up OTA and flashing infrastructure. Once all of that’s sorted out (I’m also busy with my exams) so latest by next Monday (trying to pull the date back to tomorrow or so) you’ll have a Lineage build working fine on Android 11. Android 12 is too, in the works, so I’d request you to please wait!
I’m excited for the Lineage release :slight_smile:
(super spoiler: /e/ is also in the works)


Awesome! Thanks for all you do

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Will there be an OTA update from Lineage 18 to 19, or would that be a reflash?

Update: Looking for folks to join open Beta of Lineage. Read more here.

I have not worked on 19 yet. It’s a work in progress - I’ll share details on that by the next month, hopefully.
Work was prioritized to get Lineage-18.1 out for the new batch so that the community still remains vibrant as ever.
And yes, I think we can do that - moving to 19 via OTA. I’ll get it to work first xD


Awesome, just checking. Thanks again!

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Thanks to the valuable inputs of all the Beta testers we’ve had - https://community.myteracube.com/t/advanced-users-only-teracube-2e-2022-batch-lineageos-18-1-beta-emerald/ Lineage 18.1 out now!


The thread about the 2021 batch mentions twrp and vbmeta images. will those just work or are there different ones too? I assume the process flashing will be just the same, right?

Checking with the team on this - there could be differences.

Thank’s, that would be fine. I just installed the vbmeta from the zip given in the thread about the 2022 batch with the options mentioned there. Everything worked incredibly smooth, i just installed lineageos via fastboot, no twrp needed at all. This is really amazing!

But anyway it would be good to know.

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Disabled VBMeta images are not required for both versions of T2e. Both LineageOS images flash disabled vbmeta by default, hence reducing the amount of steps users have to jump through to flash builds.

/e/ OS is now available for both T2e batches. Read more here.

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