[Important Read] Difference between the 2nd batch VS 1st batch of Teracube 2e

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Thanks to the valuable inputs of all the Beta testers we’ve had - https://community.myteracube.com/t/advanced-users-only-teracube-2e-2022-batch-lineageos-18-1-beta-emerald/ Lineage 18.1 out now!


The thread about the 2021 batch mentions twrp and vbmeta images. will those just work or are there different ones too? I assume the process flashing will be just the same, right?

Checking with the team on this - there could be differences.

Thank’s, that would be fine. I just installed the vbmeta from the zip given in the thread about the 2022 batch with the options mentioned there. Everything worked incredibly smooth, i just installed lineageos via fastboot, no twrp needed at all. This is really amazing!

But anyway it would be good to know.

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Disabled VBMeta images are not required for both versions of T2e. Both LineageOS images flash disabled vbmeta by default, hence reducing the amount of steps users have to jump through to flash builds.

/e/ OS is now available for both T2e batches. Read more here.

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