Joyn app and joyn service showing me messages

Joyn pushed me away from Teracube. I love what Teracube means to me, an attempt at responsible sustainability, a step toward infinite, modular, upgradability.

But, Joyn feels like Malware. I did not ask for it, did not need it, don’t want it and can’t get rid of it. And, it interrupts the flow of my productivity. It feels like Joyn was injected into Teracube by an Industrial Sabotage Agent. What’s to love?

I bought a used Apple Iphone7 from a friend (the Iphone feels like alien tech rather than my familiar Android assistant) to avoid Joyn.

I couldn’t agree more with IMRE. I bought the terracube about 6 months ago on the recommendation of a friend. Wife and a few other friends were in need of new phones this year. I’ve gone from recommending Terracube (for much the same reasons as already mentioned) to telling them to stay away from it because of this. Seriously, how is it so hard to fix? I get it is from a third party app but this is just unacceptable. Every time I take a phone call or make one, I need to spend a few minutes closing joyn repeatedly, over and over and over again before it finally goes away until the next time I need to use my phone as a phone. It makes the phone unuseable for what I would call its primary purpose.

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Every time I try to use contacts this pops up. I have loved my teracube phones this is pure malware/bloatware. A bit surprised it’s on a teracube phone.

Ok so once I installed the google contacts app I went to and removed the contacts app permissions that came with the phone and also removed it’s right to modify settings. It can’t be removed but it has basically been caged and can’t do anything. Ugh seems all the companies are becoming more and more ugly with the garbage. If you want Joyn it can be downloaded. I know it’s not teracube but wow.

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Hi @Saar and @IMRE - I can understand your frustration. While we are going clean in our Android 11 build, @Frontpage32 found a solution to suppress Joyn for Android 10. (read his post here)


  1. Goto Settings > Apps & notifications > search for contacts (this is the built-in contacts app)
  2. Remove all its permissions by tapping individual permissions
  3. Install “Google contacts” from play store

I started getting notifications to enable Joyn and I did. Subsequently all my contacts saves to device storage disappeared. Before anyone yells at me, I did not have synced to Google. I did not have Google Contacts app installed prior to this issue.

Can anyone explain what happened?
Is there any way to recover?

I’ve done a search in Files for both VCF and Contacts as search terms. I originally imported my contacts into Teracube with a VCF file from old phone and there is no trace of it in either Device storage or SD storge. Search for Contacts showed one folder in Device storage with Mediatek in file name but the folder was empty of data.

I submitted a service ticket at the time and response simply pointed me back to forum posts related to Joyn.

What is the difference between built-in Contacts app and Google Contacts app. It seems like with next software update built-in Contacts app will be removed?

Similar to another person’s post, not eager to share my contact info with Google.

The main thing with google contacts is the backup.

I’ve already acknowledged that I didn’t use Google for backup and really don’t want to. Probably should’ve been more judicious about backing up VCF to onboard flashdrive but THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

Why did all my contacts in the Device memory get wiped and what does it have to do with this JOYN Service thing???

ahoy @Sharad and all,

can anyone comment on whether the Joyn app is removed from the new Android 11 2e build?

thanks, w

Yes - the Joyn app has been removed from Android 11.


thank you @Sharad for the confirmation.

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why did Joyn decide to go active on my phone NOW (was either the 19th or 20th) when it hasn’t ever been active before.

I followed the old instructions from this thread and have denied it permissions to do anything - how do I get it out of my notifications…

and yes - not having apps I don’t want is one of the reasons I bought a terracube phone - if I’m going to start randomly having apps I can’t delete off my phone show up without me authorizing their download - I am not only going to stop recommending Teracube products to people - I’ll actually start leaving reviews explaining WHY people shouldn’t be purchasing teracube products. - at least with a Samsung or an Iphone people are aware that they’re buying a phone with a bunch of crap they can’t delete - but with Samsung and Iphone they’re not having progams download and install in the middle of the night

heck - having programs download and install in the middle of the night is the actions of a malware program from a hacker -

if Joyn is going to not be on Android 11 - when will Android 11 be pushed to the phones?

Make sure you force stop the program right click on it first. Then deny the permissions. One of the biggest issues is it’s contacts icon looks a lot like googles. I suspect they did that on purpose. Make sure the app link is also removed from the desk top. I had it show up once when the app was updated and I had to go through the process of killing it again as I accidentally hit it. I am looking forward to the future android update. Except that google continues to make it hard to record calls even in counties it is legal. Considering this is supposed to be to some extent open source sigh it does annoy me to no end. Fortunately a custom made cord and an electronic tape recorder works just have to ensure backing it up.

all I know is I’m watching my battery power get sucked down like crazy…

the majority of what I do in a day is read… and typically if I get up at 8am, when I go to bed at 2am - I have 74 - 79% battery power left if all I did was read. - if I pull up youtube and listen to music for 2 hours while I take a walk for exercise - when I go to bed I’m at maybe 65% when I go to bed.

the last 3 days I’ve had to put my phone on the charger mid day because it’s dropped down to 40% - now I will admit, I had the bright turned up to deal with the sun (normally it’s close to as low as it can be without being off) and I was listening to music while cleaning… - but in driving over 80 miles with my phone on the charger while listening to youtube Friday night - I left Monroe at 50% - with my phone ON THE CHARGER - I got to Spanaway 90 minutes later and my phone was only at 90%

plugged my phone into the wall when I got into my friends house - it was charged to 100% - decided to read and listen to music when I took a bath - bright level set back to my normal dim setting - on wifi - between 9:30pm and 11pm - my phone dropped to 65% - and when put back on the charger - playing music only, screen off - by 1:30am my phone was only at 80%

I don’t know if my phone battery has just suddenly had something else go bonkers at the exact same time as this Joyn downloading to my phone - but that’s a huge coincidence

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Hi @jazilee - this is most likely caused by some other draining app or an issue with the battery. Could you please try a soft reset to see if that fixes the issue?

Also, enable Settings > Duraspeed (this will stop most of the background activity).

had already done both a soft and hard resets.

an individual I am friends with helped me figure out how to update to android 11 - joyn is gone. my battery usage is back down to less than 10% for the entire day unless I decide to listen to music.

have to deal with the fact that my app icons are in the wrong spots, that I can’t switch the date to a clock instead and there is an annoying search bar on my phone I can’t get rid of - but they’re all things I’ll get used to in time. - I would have had to deal with all of this eventually anyways when my phone updated on its own

A solution is to reset all apps so all permissions are removed. Then will have to restore permissions as you use the apps. I have noticed blue tooth music can use up a fair amount of power along with just using the speaker. If listening to music plus screen time with on full bright plus an app being dumb in the background that can drain things quickly. I travel a lot and have been using my T2 lately. That combo hurts the battery time. But it wasn’t much better with other phones I have had. Screen time uses a lot of power at full illumination

I’m experiencing the same issue! Battery doesn’t last as long as it did, and the Joyn app just started bothering me. I feel like my phone is warmer than usual, I’m not 100% sure about this. Has your phone been warm? Also, did you just get Joyn recently? I just noticed this today. It’s scary!

Everyone - please install the latest 11.0.4 update to get rid of Joyn app.

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As part of my troubles with the first SIM I bought for my current US vacation, I updated my phone to the latest Android build, as above. I can confirm that the Joyn app no longer pops up. That was incredibly frustrating for a while there.

Thanks to the Teracube team for saving us from the un-asked-for bloatware that we bought the Teracube to avoid!

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