No MMS being sent or received on Fido network (Canada)

Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I just purchased a Teracube 2e for use on Fido network, and am having MMS issues and am unable to edit APN.

I purchased another SIM from another carrier (LuckyMobile, which is on the Bell network; Fido is on Rogers network), as suggested here, but that didn’t unlock the APN.

This link mentions there will be APN changes in the next SW release to deal with this. Have those changes been made? Do I need to download a later SW? I assume a new Teracube would have the latest SW.

Is my only option to try and root the device? Would switching to a different OS (like LineageOS or /e/) work?

Any other options?


Just did a bit more searching, and it looks like my current SW version is behind (Build number: Teracube_2e_A11_05). I assume that’s SW5, and this link discusses upgrade steps to SW7, which I’ll try. Hopefully that will help resolve the issue.

Hi kjazz,

Has updating to SW7 fix the issue you were experiencing?

No, unfortunately it did not. I’m going into a Fido store to try and get a new SIM card for my account and see if that updates the APNs, which is what Fido tech support suggested.

UPDATE: Nope, new SIM card did not work.

HI @kjazz and @Michael_Jones - the SW5 and SW7 builds for Emerald (SN:2021) do not have the Fido APN change yet. I’m checking with the team if we can prepare a test build.

Hi Sharad,

Any idea on an ball park eta for this build I had these 2 phones since late April and haven’t had the chance to use them due to no volte :frowning: