No MMS being sent or received

I recently got my new Teracube 2e and I followed the instructions to set it up, however I have been unable to send or receive any MMS messages. I have looked up solutions; from enabling the option in the messenger app to download MMS. I have reinstalled the app, turned off and on the phone, removed and placed back the sim card, I have also checked the APN and restored it to default settings. I still am unable to recieve any pictures or MMS texts through messenger.

Otherwise, I can receive and give calls and everything else is working fine so far.

Couple questions - what is your carrier/country? And are the APN settings consistent with what is suggested for your carrier?

I’m in Canada with Fido.
From the looks of it the settings are not the same.

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Could you please try these Fido APN settings for Android -

Here is our howto on setting APN info. If you get it to work, please do share it here so that we can fix it in our included APN settings.

Hi Sharad,

I can’t add an APN

That option isn’t on the top right corner.

It seems Fido does not allow APN editing on phones (few references here and here)

If you have option to select a different APN, then please try them and see if you get better settings. If not, we will try to find and include better APN settings on our next SW release.

So for now I can’t get MMS on my teracube until the next SW release?
I tried changing to the other APN but it won’t do anything different.

Correct - we will make the APN change in our next SW release. This is a limitation of networks like Fido and Public Mobile which impose the restriction on manual APN change. Another Teracube user moved to Fizz because of this limitation and has reported good results.

This workaround may work for the time being. Basically, you need a different carrier SIM which you can add to the 2nd SIM slot temporarily. Then you may be able to add a new APN for Fido which will also show up for the 1st SIM. If that does work, please try either of these APN settings (link1, link2).