Orange State, panic, and going back

Hi guys!

I just got my Teracube 2e about a week ago and I’m very excited! I’ve been following Teracube for a while and I’m more than happy to finally join in the joy!

Now, I’ll admit, I got a bit too ambitious from the start and tried to install /e/OS the very same day I got my phone.

I actually got pretty far down the road but my phone froze in the Boot Mode screen. Eventually I found a way to restart my phone and I decided to stay with A11 since I don’t feel like trying my luck again and bricking my device.

Every time I turn my Teracube on, I get a message about Orange State and my device not being trusted. I did some reading around the forums and apparently this is normal for any phone with a bootloader unlocked. But since I’ve decided to stick aroun with A11 I’m itching to get rid of this State.

I did more reading and apparently using SP Flash and a stock image I can get back to normal. I did found this post which perfectly describes the steps but the stock image for 2nd batch (SN:202111T2E…) leads to an error page.

Is there a new link where I can get my hands on such stock image? While I’m at it, I read on another thread on this forum that this can be resolved more easily through Recovery Mode, is that true? How can I go about that?

Thanks a bunch in advance for the help!

Hi @emdm orange state is normal on bootloader unlocked mediatek Devices, so if you want to use stock Android 11 (aka Teracube UI). And want to get rid of the orange state) bootloader unlock warning, you can lock your bootloader and it’ll go away, keep in mind that while performing locking operation your device should be entirely on stock rom, aka system, vendor, boot, recovery should be from stock not custom and once you lock, the warning will go away.

Hope it helps you out!

The build can be accessed here:

This build is for the Teracube 2e SN 2021, please check before flashing.
Please use SP Flash Instructions to flash the above build.

As for orange state, you will have to lock your bootloader, and that will restore verity - i.e. enable secure boot and it will get rid of that message. All custom ROMs require the bootloader to be unlocked - hence the warning will stay if you use a ROM like LineageOS.

Just adding to what has been suggested already, you can reverse the [ Advanced ] Unlock the Bootloader by issuing “fastboot flashing lock”


Also discussed here on how to lock the bootloader.

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Hi there, @techyminati, thank you so much for your response!
I never got to install /e/OS so currently my phone is still running Android 11 (I think the version might be RP1A.200720.011 if that is what that number is :sweat_smile:). Does that mean I can just go ahead and lock the bootloader or should I redownload Android 11 and then go ahead with the rest of the steps suggested in this thread?

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Hi there @Gagan! Thanks for the link to the build and for clarifying further the meaning of orange state!

Hi @Sharad, thank you so much for the information, this is quite useful to go through the process. Once I get to “fastboot flashing lock” I get this message:

Lock bootloader? If you lock the bootloader you will need to install official operating system software on this phone. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, locking the bootloader will also delete all personal data from your phone (a factory reset).

I just wan to make sure I understand the wording on this warning before I go ahead, does this mean that after I lock the bootloader I have to install the build again or is this just a warning to only proceed with the locking with an official OS installed?

It’s the Latter - a warning that you should already have the official OS installed on the phone before locking the bootloader. And a reminder that a factory reset will be performed immediately after this command.

If you’re sure that your every partition is 100% stock, you can consider locking your device via fastboot commands! Note that I’ll wipe your data after locking bootloader.