Phone automatically shuts off

First day with my Teracube, and twice already, I’ve gone to use my phone and it’s turned off. Once I get it turned back on, the battery is fine, it just seems to turn off/crash periodically.

What gives?

Huh - we have not come across this happening. I’ll suggest to continue monitoring this for now. If it persists - then we will get some logs collected. Not sure but it could be due to the main SW bug that we are tracking here.

I’ve had my phone randomly reboot itself twice now myself with the S1_06 firmware. The phone was just sitting on my desk and then I saw the screen go blank, then the start-up Teracube splash screen when it was starting back up.

This could be caused by a messed up cache or a mis-behaving app. Could you clear your cache using these steps and let us know if that takes care of these reboots.