Quirky ring volume off

A couple of times I have discovered that my ring volume was off/at zero, and that I had missed calls.
When I held volume up, a volume slider appeared but didn’t affect ring volume.
(apparently only changing media volume)

I had to raise media volume, then quickly tap the setting icon at the bottom of the volume slider. This brought up several types of volume levels, and I was able to change ring volume (which was at zero and not raising via volume button)

I am not sure that I didn’t accidentally lower the volume to zero, but it should be easy to raise it back – not requiring one to open volume settings.

it looks like I could also tap the phone icon at the top of the slider bar.
The phone was in vibrate, but I could tap and change it.

I am not sure how it got set into this mode but using the volume buttons didn’t fix it.
Volume, when nothing is playing, should change a system volume or one including ring volume. (ESPECIALLY if volume buttons were able to set it DOWN to vibrate in the first place)

It perhaps could also have been a leftover from having the phone in DND? (Do Not Disturb mode, from Quick Settings buttons)

You are correct. When nothing is playing (and no call), the volume button behavior is set to Media volume right now. Ring volume can be changed by hitting the settings icon underneath the volume slider.

We are also considering if the volume buttons should change the ring volume when nothing is playing and no active call. I’ll add a poll here:

Poll : Should volume buttons change media volume in the case when no media is playing and there is no active call (this is current behavior) or should it be associated to ring volume?

  • Don’t change current behavior
  • Change ring volume instead of media in this situation

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I would make the top one the default, and give a settings switch.
But I still would vote to default to Call/Ringer volume with the switch as an option.

Maybe even give someone the option to choose a default volume setting? Some people might listen to media alot, someone might get alot of calls or someone else with notifications. I just realised that my volume button only adjust my media and I’ve had it for 9 months lol. I would keep it the same or let people choose default.

well, if I can automate it well without LLAMA, my volume will change for different hours, and be in Do Not Disturb (or Silent mode etc) when in the theater. Hopefully those will revert like I want, but I might need to use my buttons.

And when my phone is doing “nothing special”, it is being a Phone with Ring, not media.

I would want the default of the vol button to be adjusting ring volume when the phone is idle and phone receiver volume when I am making a call and media volume if I am viewing any media. I find that it is too easy to unintentionally lower the ring volume and then miss calls. The phone just came yesterday but it feels awkward in my hand and slippery unless I hold it just so but when I do, I am usually hitting a button and I don’t want to.

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In addition to the volume button behavior change discussed in this topic, there is also the Vibrate shortcut that could be in play for the original post. Mentioning it here for anyone stumbling on this thread.


I just stumbled over this post, and I think it describes exactly the issue I have been having. Often I miss calls when I have the phone right in front of me. Checking settings, I find the ring volume has been reduced to zero without me being aware of it. Often when I am listening to media and want to raise the volume I find that I have “fat-fingered” both of the volume control buttons. I did not know of the behavior linked to that action. I have changed it to “Do Nothing” now, let’s see if that makes a difference.

This behavior is in line with how W10 Mobile handles it, if that helps. Seems intuitive.

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Disclaimer : Please verify and use 3rd party apps at your own discretion.

I have been using a 3rd party app - Volfix. It allows me to use the volume keys to change ringer volume when no media, media volume when media is playing and call volume when a call is active. This is very close to ideal for me and many others (based on the vote).

We still have this down as our feature request.

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