Red Pocket Mobile for the 2e

I should get my Teracube 2e in a few days and am considering getting a sim from Red Pocket Mobile. They offer sims for GSMA (which their support site says is compatible with AT&T devices) and GSMT (compatible with T Mobile.) So which sim should work best for the 2e? Maybe a dumb question, but I’m new to smartphones. Also, does anyone have experiene using red pocket, good or bad?


We will suggest getting Red Pocket GSMT (T-Mobile). We have few Teracube users using Red Pocket - don’t know of their experience though. Please do post your views once you get it.


Will do. Just ordered the sim. Thanks for the suggestion. I know next to nothing about wireless. The phone I’m replacing is an ancient samsung flip phone that my present carrier no longer will support. It is a cdma phone and the reception on it is really good, whereas others I tried way back when I bought it was poor out here in the sticks where I live. Anyway, if the GSMT doesn’t do it, I’ll try the GSMA.

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RedPocket GSMA Sim works great on Terracube 2e, you will need to manually add the APN to the phone for data to work and LTE / VoLTE to activate, otherwise it will only show 3G service.

Activation was quick and things work well for me. I activated a 22GB unlimited sim from Black Friday on it and have been enjoying fast LTE speeds.

My 2 cents.



Thanks for the info. I originally ordered the TMobile version, but changed the order to ATT version after finding out that TMobile coverage where I live is poor. So, I’ve got the GSMA sim now and just need to receive my 2e :smile:

Got my Teracube today and can say that the RedPocket GSMA sim works great. I activated and set up the APN using info they provided and I’ve got 4G and the voLTE icon in the upper right hand corner. Call quality is good (Wheh!) and since I’m in an area without great coverage, I was a bit worried.

Update: APN settings here.


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@gpfromnc @TheLinuxBug - could you post screenshots of your RedPocket (AT&T) APN settings? Another use is getting only 3G during calls which means VoLTE is not working for them.

Here are mine.

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Awesome - thanks a ton. And are you getting VoLTE? 2 ways to check - icon shows up in swipe down. Or disable wifi and check if LTE persists during a call.

I am getting voLTE. I just checked with a call to my landline and the icon does persist. As an aside, call quality is great and coverage here in eastern NC is pretty much everywhere (as I would expect AT&T to be.). Can’t beat it for 11 bucks a month.

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