Reimaging Terracube 2E

Hi, my phone was hacked and I suspect that malware has been installed. I tried scanning and removing all suspicious programs and stopping all services that I did not recognize. Unfortunately, this did not appear to solve the problem. Even when I turned my phone off, it automatically turned back on after a few minutes. Whoever hacked my phone was using it to create a number of fake accounts online and was intercepting SMS authentication requests (I could see the SMS requests and was able to confirm that accounts had been created after them).

I would like to completely reimage my terracube. Ideally this would involve deleting all software on the device and resetting it to its original factory condition. How can I do this?

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,

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You’d want to follow this process for SPFlash, or the linked Easy process:

I’ll suggest the easy automated process.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me recently. Although the Lookout security app didn’t detect anything, I concluded the phone itself was hacked after getting a new SIM card from AT&T did nothing to stop the SMS interceptions, and then getting a 2nd new SIM card from AT&T but putting it in dirctly into a different phone immediately stopped the problem.

This is the first time I’ve experienced something like this, and it has made me really scrutinize security settings thoroughly. I’ve taken note that my older Teracube has the Android security patch from 11/5/2020, and even the newer Teracube has a security patch from 10/5/2021. Those are very outdated. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to install the latest security patches from Google.

Do we know if this ability to hack the phone and redirect SMS authentication requests is a vulnerability with the Teracube specifically, or is it a known vulnerability in Android that has been fixed in a security patch that we cannot install on our Teracubes?

Am I missing something as far as the security patches? Is there a way to manually install them? I’d like to know what the company’s recommendation is on keeping the phone secure from such intrusions.

Hi @vedicaudio - at this time the only way to get newer security updates is to install our Android 13 build.