Reimaging Terracube 2E

Hi, my phone was hacked and I suspect that malware has been installed. I tried scanning and removing all suspicious programs and stopping all services that I did not recognize. Unfortunately, this did not appear to solve the problem. Even when I turned my phone off, it automatically turned back on after a few minutes. Whoever hacked my phone was using it to create a number of fake accounts online and was intercepting SMS authentication requests (I could see the SMS requests and was able to confirm that accounts had been created after them).

I would like to completely reimage my terracube. Ideally this would involve deleting all software on the device and resetting it to its original factory condition. How can I do this?

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,

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You’d want to follow this process for SPFlash, or the linked Easy process:

I’ll suggest the easy automated process.

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