Screen Replacement

In the event that the phone’s screen is damaged, it may be possible to replace the screen yourself.


  • Replacement Screen
  • Adjustable heat gun or hot-plate
  • Suitable adhesive, like B7000
  • Small Phillips-Head screwdriver
  • Spudger


  • If possible, back up your data before attempting to repair the phone. While this procedure should be fairly simple, it does involve working with tools near delicate components, and it’s possible the phone could be permanently damaged.
  • A broken screen may contain sharp pieces of glass. Wear protective equipment when working with broken glass, use a tool when prying or moving glass pieces, and work over a surface that will let you keep track of, and dispose of, any loose glass.
  • Heat guns and hot-plates can cause burns and start fires. The temperatures used for this process should be safe, but caution is still advised.


1. Remove the battery cover, battery, and upper board cover.
Follow the disassembly video below until the 1-minute mark:

2. Unseat the display ribbon cable.
Use a fingernail or small, thin screwdriver to flip the latch up. This will free the ribbon cable to slide directly out of the slot.
3. Peel up the information sticker
The ribbon cable is attached permanently to the display and must be removed at the same time. The information sticker must be removed to free the ribbon cable.
4. Peel up the ribbon cable.
Peeling up the ribbon cable will free it to be removed along with the display.
5. Heat the display
The glue holding the display in place is softened by high temperatures. In the image below, a heated plate set to 65° Celcius has been used. The phone has been placed face-down for several minutes to allow the heat to penetrate the glue. A heat gun can also be used, but may be more likely to burn or melt other parts of the phone if not used cautiously. A heat gun that can e set to a lower temperate is recommended.
6. Remove the display
Insert your spudger between the frame of the phone and the edge of the display. It will take some force to get started, but should move easily. Work it around the circumference of the display to separate it from the frame of the phone, then lift the display out. If you aren’t able to work the spudger around the display easily, you may need to heat the display for a longer period of time or raise the temperature of your hot-plate or heat gun slightly.
7. Line the phone frame with adhesive
The phone display normally rests on a thing lip that’s slightly recessed in the phone frame. Use a suitable adhesive with an applicator or fine nozzle lay a line of adhesive along this lip. Be careful not to get adhesive in the speaker hole at the top edge of the screen, or camera lens or proximity sensor right beside it.
8. Place the screen
Pass the ribbon cable of the new screen through the rectangular hole in the frame and lower the screen, fitting it into the recess. Adjust the position to make it’s straight, and fully seated, then use gentle clamps or weight it evenly to hold it in place as the adhesive sets. When it’s positioned and held in place, wipe up any excess adhesive that has been pressed out along the edge of the screen. Let the phone sit for at least 24 hours.
9. Reassemble the phone
When the glue has set, reassemble the phone. There will probably be enough adhesive left on the frame to hold the new ribbon cable in place. Insert it into the cable connector and rotate the lock back down to hold it in place. Make sure cable is positioned in a way that allows the battery to fit, then replace the information sticker.

Snap the upper board cover back in place, then fasten it in place with the seven screws. If the board cover doesn’t snap into place properly, make sure the fingerprint sensor is centered in the hole and that the antenna cable to the right of the SIM slots is tucked into its channel along the edge of the phone.

Insert the battery, then put the battery cover back on the phone.

So, where can a new screen for the Tera 1 be found? Vice that, why is there no permalink on the site to work through sending a unit back for repair at a “flat fee”? I have no idea how to take advantage of something you continue to use as a selling point.

Hi @cpangracs - we continue to use our email support for repairs. Please email us at to get the process started.