Simcard slot 1 not reading Simcard

My Simcard for a 2e that I purchased this week stopped recognizing sim cards in the first slot but they do function in slot 2. Is this a common fault to have to deal with? Any developers options I can try to diagnose if it’s a failed sim card slot? This was using a Mint Mobile and Ting Sim.

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Sorry for the trouble.

Slot 1 is the dedicated/SIM-only slot, correct?

What happens when the SIM is inserted? Do you see anything about it in Settings at all? Any notifications?

Yes Slot 1 is the first/ top sim card slot furthest from the battery. The phone simply just doesn’t register a sim card there with the phone asking to insert the sim card, I tested this with a working Mint and Ting Mobile Sim Card and they both work in the second sim card slot. I’m thinking either some APN settings got messed up when I installed one of the sim cards or somehow the sim card reader is simply not functioning for slot 1.

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If a reboot has not fixed it, then try a soft reset followed by a full reset. If this is still an issue, then it will need a warranty swap (contact us).

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