Suddenly lost calling capabilities

I have been without the ability to place or receive calls for about 6 days now. I am on RedPocket AT&T, and everything was fine up until this last week. My wife also has a 2E, on the same carrier, and my SIM card will make calls if I put it in her phone. So it’s not on the network side.

I’ve checked the APN settings, and I’ve checked the call settings. They match her phone completely. The only difference is that her phone shows VoLTE on the status bar, and mine now shows only LTE. Data works, SMS and MMC works, just no calls. Is there some super secret setting to try to turn on VoLTE? What can I do to get my phone to work again?

Thus far I have tried the following:

  • Power cycling
  • Removing Google Phone updates
  • Restoring google phone updates
  • Clearing the phone app data and cache
  • Toggling 4g calling settings
  • Installing my Wife’s sim in my phone.
  • Putting a burner phone sim in to see if I could get some service that way.
  • Trading SIM slots.
  • Desperately searching for options that the internet seems to think should be present but are missing.

Hi @Robert_Lowe - few more clarifications:

  1. Does your wife’s SIM work in your phone?
  2. Is it possible for you to check a TMobile SIM (friends/family) in your phone?
  3. Is your and wife’s T2e same software and hardware version?
  4. Did you have to enter APN or was the network configuration automatic?

If nothing else works, then please go ahead with a factory reset.

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My wife’s sim card does not enable calls on my phone. Both phones are the same hardware and software versions. In fact, they are from the same shipping order!

I had to enter my APN manually. The autodetected one is for raw AT&T, so you have to manually fill in the Red Pocket details. Both of our phones have the same entries, which also matches the Red Pocket website’s recommended settings.

I should also note that mobile data, sms, and mmc all work.

There is one other wrinkle. I reset the APNs to default and re-entered my information. My phone then went into 3G mode, and was able to make calls for a short time. After a while, it went back into LTE mode and lost the ability to call.

If I have to do a factory reset, I will probably just buy a new phone. These Terracube 2e phones we have are just too unreliable, and if I have to endure that sort of hassle, I am going to move to a more solid system. We have had these phones for less than a year, and we have both had hours long bouts with them when features mysteriously vanish. Calling, however, is a critical one!

@Robert_Lowe I have also been fighting this fight for a week. This evening I was able to get calls and LTE data, I wrote down the steps leading to my resolution.

Best of luck with your phones. You are not alone!

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