[SW16] Verified update for Teracube 2e is ready for all users

Updated from SW6 with only two minor issues that were easy to fix.

  1. AT&T Sim with sim card lock (pin) enabled was stuck on emergency calls only. Fixed by going to Settings > Security > Advanced > SIM card lock > disable lock and restarted phone. Back to normal and was able to re-enable the sim card lock.
  2. KISS (third party home app) would still open with the home button, but the other two buttons would open Quickstep. Went to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Home app, it was blank so I picked KISS. Had to restart phone for it properly apply.
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The process of downloading the zip file to update the security to May 2021 was quite easy due to the explicit instructions provided by Sharad. Thank you Sharad and keep up the good work.