[SW16] Verified update for Teracube 2e is ready for all users

See below screenshot of the issue.

The alignment and spacing is one thing. I would ideally want to be able to hide the carrier name altogether, as it was before the update.

as stated earlier not unlockled and we have tried to clear that already multiple times.

Just installed the SW16 update. It went smoothly and all of my frequent apps are working. Closeup flash photos are still blue though. I am just so relieved to finally be free of that annoying notification shade.

Any update when EU version will be ready now?

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I just started getting the Joyn popup as well. I don’t have AT&T and I want nothing to do with RCS. I deny access but it keeps popping up. Almost as annoying as the notification shade bug. Joyn doesn’t show up as an app to uninstall. How do I make this go away permanently?

Currently there is no way to remove the app. We have added it as an item for the Dev team.

You can find the Joyn app under settings > apps > see all > (select menu in upper right corner “three dots”) > show system then scroll down.

Unfortunately even if you force stop both the service and the app, it relaunches the minute you try and do anything it thinks it should be a part of. I’ve just taken to closing it out when it pops up, but it is annoying.

It is slowly unbelievable how long we in the EU have to wait for an update. The security patch is now over 7 months old!!! On June 1 Sharad wrote: “Work on the EU update has started - should have it in 3-4 weeks at max.” Now we already have July 12. Are you sure to live on the same planet with the same time. I’m really starting to get absolutely disappointed and pissed off.

We released a Beta build for testing 2 weeks back. Please install and let us know so that we can proceed with the certification.

Is SW16 released for US Teracube 2e OTA?
I used Teracube Updater and no update is available. Thanks.

Android 10
Last checked: July 15, 2021 (12:27)

SW16 is our 1st ever Homegrown FOTA (Firmware over the air) release :slight_smile:. We released it to a small random set of users this week. If everything goes well, we will make it available to more users next week.

Note: Goes without saying that the FOTA install and manual install are the same.

Updated today and I also have the carrier name alignment and (lack of) spacing issue with the clock that was previously reported.

Is there a fix to this?



No fix yet - have it on our list.

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