Using SD card as internal storage

Is there a way to use the SD card as internal storage and move apps (that permit being moved to an SD card) to the SD card. I can do it on my S20 SE 5G, and wonder whether the stock Android 10 in the 2e permits this as well?

Not sure if this applies to the 2e as well as the One, but this guide has a lot of info: How to Use an SD Card


Thanks. I know how to use the card. I can see the card in Files. But it will not permit moving any apps to the card. I recall that during the 2e setup there were two options for formatting the card. Maybe I selected the wrong one, but now trying to format the card again offers only one option.

I don’t have an answer to your question. As a matter of fact, I was pretty surprised when I read that the card could be used as either removeable storage, or (if I understand what I’ve read) as a way to increase the device’s internal storage. Other devices that I have will allow storage of some apps files, and things like music or photos, but they don’t treat the extra space as an extension of the file system. So I’m hoping that this will work with the 2e. Remains to be seen for me though as the last tracking status I’ve gotten shows the device to be still sitting in New York.

Hello @film2k,

This may be able to be done using an app to support it like ‘App2SD’ or ‘Link2SD’ which is usually available from the play store. That said, some of those also will require ‘root’ to be able to operate fully, so depending on the tool you choose that may be a requirement. Though, I do recall that I used one of the many options with-out root successfully on older versions of Android, it could be Android 10 won’t allow this without root. I haven’t had an chance to test this my self yet, but I would invite you to check out the apps mentioned (or similar) and report back your experience.

While rooting may not be available yet, I am sure at some point in the future it will become possible, so worst case this may be something you will need to wait till root is available to fully work as you need.

If I have time I may do my own tests as well and report back as well.

Hope this helps.

My 2 cents.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will give it a look.

I’m in NY, and the tracking information showed my 2e was in Hong Kong until the day it was delivered in NYC.
I have been moving apps to the SD card in my Samsung S20 FE 5g without an issue, and was able to do that in both Android 10 and 11.

Not in the 2e, so far, though.

Wanted to link this here: 2E Micro SD Card Specs

Did some more looking and I think that a software limitation will prevent putting apps on SDcard for now, at least without root.

Hopefully they are able to review and update things to work in their next release.


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Thank you for your response. Let’s hope a solution is found.

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