Which screen protectors fit's on the Teracube One

I was wondering if someone knows which screen protector fits on the Teracube as I assembled the glass protection on it and that has a crack now. I would like to have a few in stock, just in case it happens again.
Or if you have a link where I can buy the original am I also fine with that.

Thank you in advance,

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I have one ordered from another phone off Amazon it looks to be about right. The phone comes with one but figured I would see if others fit. Many screens work on other phones as the screens are often close enough.

If you still have the original plastic one then just wash and reuse it. We do have extra screen protectors but not in huge quantity. So will advise not to stock them when they go up for sale (Just buy when needed). Probably up for sale in 2-3 weeks. If you need 1 urgently, then send us an email at support@myteracube.com.

Which one did you tried?

I am using the plastic one that came already attached but will be upgrading to the glass one. As I would rather that take the hit and crack than my screen.

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Thanks Sharad! for me the plastic one had everytime a sort of strange electric touch (can’t describe it
good enough, but it just doesn’t swipe right for me) so I added the glass protection. This one has a crack already therefore I’m looking for alternatives. I’ll wait for those 2 or 3 weeks that’s not a problem.

Thanks for the heads up.

I have ordered a moto g7 screen protector it is for a 6.2 screened cell it looks like it may fit. I am out of town next week with work so won’t be able to test fit till Friday end of next week. 7.99cdn on Amazon for 2.

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Looking at the Moto g7 dimensions, the Teracube is only 0.2mm wider and identical length. Hopefully the top cutout notch on the screen protector isn’t too small and partially covers up the Teracube’s front camera and speaker. Thanks for checking this out.

Thanks for the reply, could you keep us posted. Thx in advance

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You might want to check out the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. The teracube and the Xiaomi phone are pretty much the same screen design.


While we will be able to offer our own on sale in near future, we just tried Mi 8 lite tempered glass screen protector. They are almost a perfect fit (slightly bigger than ours but still within the case). Anyone else tried them?

Update: We got Oppo F7 screen protector as well. They are similar size too. More choices.


Will be testing the Moto g7 this weekend dad in hospital so will be a delay. My apologies.

Hi all so the Moto g7 screen protector WILL work it is exactly the right height. It is slightly wider in the gap for the front camera. It is full height but doesn’t impact the top or bottom of the case. The sides have a .06" or 1.7mm gap on each side this to me is acceptable and close to the actual teracube tempered glass. I paid $6.99cdn for two so this is an excellent option in my opinion. Will try and do pictures later and will show the Teracube screen protector vs the Moto G7 protector as I have not put my glass on yet.

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Ok so compared it to the plastic screen protector see photo

The Moto G7 glass is just a bit taller and has a wider area for the camera

The plastic screen cover is the exact same width so that’s perfect.

So as this glass is an excellent option and is low price for 2. $6.99cdn on Amazon canada with prime, 2 day shipping. Expect the glass should be about the same or lower on the USA Amazon.

Are there any oleophobic tempered glass screen protectors?

Sounds good, thanks for the information

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No idea I have never looked if can find one for the Moto G7 that will fit.

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I ordered these. They claim to be oleophobic and seem to do much better than the original glass protector that it came with. Fits well also.



Note: These are only compatible with Teracube One (and not with Teracube 2e)

I’ll also recommend these Mi 8 lite screen protectors made by SuperShieldz (for Teracube One only). Have done few installations myself. Couple comments:

  1. Here is an ebay link and Amazon link for the same protectors.
  2. Follow their youtube video for a perfect installation.

The screen protector @Sharad mentioned fits very well. The Supersheildz protector matches the glass screen protector that came with my Teracube perfectly. The length and width are identical. Any misalignments you see in the pic below are my fault.

One thing to note is that after installing the new screen protector, the phone no longer rests on the lip of the screen protector when placed face down. When I place my phone face down now, I can feel the phone glide smoothly if I move it. We really need a better case.