Wifi keeps disconnecting

Could some of you (who are experiencing wifi disconnect issue) provide your Wifi MAC address - need it for debugging purpose. You can email it to support@myteracube.com. It can be found at Settings > System > About phone (3rd entry from the bottom). You can email a screenshot of that setting as well.


I’ve had this bug virtually disappear. I don’t know what happened but it’s gone.

Huh! Did you change any settings or upgrade nighthawk firmware?

Having this same issue on a Google Wifi mesh network with both of our Teracube devices.
Laptops and the other phones in the house have no issues.

Did nothing

Any update on this? At this point the phones are unusable at home, and that’s where we are 90% of the time.

Hi @Sean_Hull - the wifi issue with Google mesh wifi (and some other wifi routers) will most likely get fixed as part of our Android 10 update.

For the time being, I can suggest a workaround. If you have an old wifi router lying around, you can plug its “Internet” port into a google wifi free port. This way your old wifi router will provide a network of its own and the phone should have a stable connection with this old router. This is only a temporary solution but will work. Let me know if we can help with that setup.

No, I do not have an old router.

What’s the ETA on Android 10? My wife’s phone just got an update to Android 11 and you are still messing around with 10…