Wonky GPS on 2e with eOS - Fixed!

Damn, I’ve got this issue too :frowning:

My GPS is stuck thinking it’s on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines

GPS Test app shows nothing available:

Nothing suggested on this thread has helped :frowning:

I guess I’ve have to contact support…

Could you try the soft reset followed by a full reset if need be?

TLDR: in Settings → Advanced Privacy → Manage my location:

Changing those settings that to “Use my real location” fixed my issue!

I did a soft reset to see if that would help (although even that was annoying enough as all my apps lost their settings), but it didn’t.

I didn’t really want to try a full reset as I had no way of doing so without loosing data. The 2e phone I now have is a replacement replacement (I broke the screen on my 2020 2e, requested a 2021 2e replacement - because I wanted to install /e/ OS based on Android 11, and in the hope the Bluetooth issues would’ve been resolved, received the wrong replacement - another 2020 2e, requested the correct one, received it, set it up, factory reset my old phone with broken screen)…

However, I’ve now got my new 2021 2e working fine! Wasn’t a hardware issue at all!

I had installed /e/ OS 1.0 on it.

Now, I’m not sure if the Advanced Privacy settings I’ve now got is part of Android 11 (?), or just part of /e/ OS (?), but it was that that was causing it:

I guess when installing /e/ OS there was an option to opt for Advanced Privacy, and so I did so.

But then I wondered what this little key icon was in my system tray:

So I would click on the key, which would take me here:

Clicking on Advanced Privacy would take me to this screen:

So then I’d hit disconnect.

Then I’d hit the settings cog and see this:

So I’d turn off Always-on VPN choose Forget VPN and then Forget.

But every time I re-started the phone the little key would come back.

This time, after doing all the above again, I went into settings and searched for VPN.

This got me here:

So I clicked Advanced and saw this:

Clicking on that took me back here:

But this time, when clicking on Advanced Privacy again (i.e. after VPN is already been disconnected and forgotten), I got a whole load of options and settings I’d never seen before:

I then spotted that Manage my location setting and when I went in there I saw these options:

It was set to “Use a random plausible location”!

Changing that to “Use my real location” fixed my issue!

Now I’ve managed to sort that out I am very happy with my 2021 2e running /e/ OS 1.0 :blush:

(the Bluetooth is still a bit crap, but whereas with my 2020 2e I simply couldn’t have my phone in my pocket and listen to music via Bluetooth headphones, now with my 2021 2e and my phone upside down in my pocket, it mostly works fine - only very occasional short cut-outs).


@jdaviescoates - glad you figured out the fix and thanks a ton for posting those detailed instructions and pictures :heart: . Will be helpful for many other eOS users.

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