[Advanced] Installing factory Android image w/ SP Flash

I’m having the boot-looping issue when I try to install the factory image, but the instructions for that case seem unclear. ‘When its screen is dark’? The screen is always dark when the phone is off. Am I supposed to turn the phone on and then try to time connecting it after the ‘dm-verity corruption’ etc. message comes up and it starts turning the phone off again?

Hi @degraine - apologies for the delayed response. The trick for a boot loop is to keep the PC ready in download mode and insert the cable into the phone as soon as the phone’s display turns dark.

I have done all the steps correct, I have windows 10 and all files but its saying to select at least one ROM file and I have selected all files, Please help how can I fix this.

It seems your firmware files are missing (look at the empty Location column in your screenshot). Are you sure you unzipped the full firmware and are selecting the scatter file from that folder?

@robert Hi!
Could you please fix the link to the Teracube One factory SW?

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Hi @kunicasport - thanks a ton for pointing that broken link :heart:. Fixed now.

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Thanks for this guide. Two things:

  1. The factory images linked seem to be somewhat dated (2020) for the Teracube 2e. Are there any updated images?
  2. Can the difference between the EU and the “rest of the world” image summarized briefly? (I suspect it to be either some privacy issue or competition issue as the EU has much better regulations regarding these two issues than the “rest of the word”)