[ Information ] Carrier Support

Because LTE is now ubiquitous, support by a carrier for a particular phone is now generally an issue of either policy, or band support.

The bands supported by the 2e are:

LTE (4G) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 12 / 17 / 20
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8

The bands supported by the 2e should allow it to operate on all US carriers, but some carriers have additional policies in place that require phones to be “whitelisted” for use, either on their network, or with specific features of their network, like VoLTE.

In the US, the carriers below are known to work:

  • T-Mobile
  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Simple Mobile
  • Speedtalk Mobile
  • Ultra Mobile
  • Red Pocket Mobile
  • Ting, Tempo
  • Walmart Family Mobile
  • Pure TalkUSA
  • Straight Talk
  • Tello


Thanks for this info. I am in the US and super happy to have learned of teracube (direct to consumer without any BS from carriers and hardware manufacturers). I am with TMobile and it LOOKS like support for TMobile’s 4G bands 77 and 66 are missing. I am often in more rural areas and this makes me wonder if teracube will still function well when I am in these areas. Can you provide any insight?

It might depend on how TMobile has done band allocation in your area. Band 66 is a superset of Band 4 which is supported. However we don’t have 71. Feel free to test it out and let us know. You can always return it with free shipping within 30 days.

Do you know how this works with a superset? How does band 66 differ from 4 then? Why does it exist and what implications are there with a modem not supporting it? Thanks for your reply.

Each LTE Band is a set of frequencies. Band 66 includes Band 4’s frequencies and some more. Implications for having band 4 and not band 66 is that certain area could use one of the non-common frequency and phone will not be able to connect to it. Though this is rare most likely as Bands 2,4 and 12 are the most common bands for TMobile.

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I am almost there. I don’t run any Googled AOSP ROMs so once I can flash /e/ or LOS+microg with all sensors functioning (looks like Bluetooth is still not there), I’m in.


Just wanted to chime in and say that Tello has been working fine for me the past three months on Teracube 2e.

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Does anyone know if the 2e works with Mint Mobile?

I am considering going with Mint Mobile. Did you go with them and any advice?

Hi @Gorenflo and @A.C - Mint is fully compatible with 2e (except wifi calling). There are many T2e users using it (one at my home as well :slight_smile:). Check out the below post -

Can you please clarify. If Mint is not compatible with 2e for wifi calling does that mean I cannot call worldwide using WhatsApp or Messenger? Sorry if the question is a silly one, I am not very computer savvy. Thanks

Calls on Whatsapp, Messenger, and or any other apps will work fully - no issues on Wifi. They are not carrier-specific.

“Wifi calling” is a carrier-specific feature that applies only to cellular calls. Wifi calling allows to route cellular calls (calls that you use Mint mobile for) through wifi. Without wifi calling, cellular calls will work directly using the cell towers (how it used to be).

Please do not hesitate in posting any follow-up questions. No question is “silly” :slight_smile:. In fact, you asking it will help someone else as well in high likelyhood :heart_eyes:.

HELLO, the band in my country is:
850Mhz, 900Mhz ,2100Mhz
(Band 1, 5, 8)

4G: 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz
(LTE Band 1, 3)

will the phone still work when the 2100hz is missing in the list?

Hi @BRENYA - welcome to Teracube forums. LTE Band 1 and 3 are present on Teracube 2e and are fully supported. Please check the full list at Teracube 2e Specifications

FWIW, Straight Talk informed me via chat that they are now “part of the Verizon family” and use only their network. I assume (don’t know) that this means my currently in-transit /e/os phone will not work with them. My next choice is Wal Mart, but I don’t know whose network I’m getting and their website is awful. I can’t even determine if they ship a SIM kit. Any advice is welcome.

It depends on what kind of plan you are looking for. T-mobile has everything from $15/month for 3 GB of data to $50/ month for unlimited data. They tend to hide the most low-cost plans but here is the link and there is a link on the page to the unlimited plans. T-mobile pre-paid.

Are you saying Wal Mart uses T Mobile’s network? That’s a bit if a bummer, they are well down on my list. They don’t cover my area very well.

No, I am saying you can go directly to the link I provided and get service from T-Mobile.

I’ll suggest checking this list for best T2e supported networks.

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That turned out to be Mint, with some hiccups, i.e. their shipping performance is terrible, and phone customer service is a little uneven. T-Mobile was a no-go, as even for a prepaid plan, they wanted me to drive an hour round trip (and likely wait in their store for an agent) to be properly identified, according to their website. The network seems fine, after getting some input on this forum on APN settings.