Known Issues (Shipping version; SW5) - Fixed in SW6

Update (Feb 20, 2020): A software update to fix most of these issues is now available. Please visit this post to get details on how to install.

Original post:
We have identified a major software bug that is causing several symptoms:

  1. Unusually high battery drain (5-7% per hour in standby as compared to expected < 1-2%/hr)
  2. Fingerprint and touch screen do not respond sometimes.
  3. Face unlock does not work.
  4. Choppy Bluetooth connection.
  5. Out of sync clock.
  6. Overall buggy behavior in usage.

It is being caused by a runaway thread in the background. Please install SW6 software update to fix all these issues.


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This was probably just a random unlucky-for-me quirk, but worth mentioning here just in case others run into similar issues.

Within my first week, I ran into a “Youtube keeps closing” error that required going all the way to full backup and factory reset to resolve.

I’m looking forward to the 1st update and hope it comes shortly.

I’m experiencing a lot of issues with this new phone and not very happy with it’s performance. I’m finding the apps will freeze while I’m using it, or the whole phone will freeze if it’s been sitting idle for a while. There have been a couple times I was stuck and took me 10 minutes to just get a response from the phone so I could try to restart it.

I’d also like to know if anyone has found a better alternative case. The case it comes with is not very helpful.


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If you haven’t yet, try turning on the Duraspeed setting. I haven’t had very many issues since I have turned it on, but I’m not sure if it actually helps or I just have a lucky correlation.

This is exactly what happened with my phone. On top of that, my phone is also lagging, for example, there is a lag between typing and displaying the words. My phone was blinking for no reasons (I recalled twice). Also, the phone can be quite “heaty” while charging.

Overall, I’m actually quite disappointed with the phone. Though we all believe in the environmental cause, I don’t know if I’m able to survive with this phone for the next 4 years.


Just wanted to add wonky GPS reporting as well. Background runaway thread makes sense, since it seems the GPS just stops working and then tries to catch-up, sometimes stuck on rerouting using Google Maps. Until the patch is applied, can’t use this phone for nav.

Looking for some beta testers. If interested, check out here

Hello Sharad,
I’m excited I received my phone and have been able to use it.
I’ve noticed no issues with the battery as far as I can tell.
I have issues though with the touch screen and the how it interacts with the google alarms.
In the morning I can’t turn off my alarm and have to reboot my phone first thing in the morning.
I also had issues with the clock, my lock screen clock is always right but sometimes my clock on the actual phone screen in the top left corner sometimes is out of sync.
I assume its due to the buggy nature.
As for the apps I use I haven’t had an issue with any as far as I can tell, but then again I only use it for my food apps, email, youtube.
No gaming or anything crazy in terms of mobile use. Figured I’d post this here, and looking forward to the update.
Please and thanks.

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Is the camera2api enabled?

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We have released a software update to fix all these issues. Check here: