Notification Bar Query

I have a query with the 2e. When waking the phone from a lock screen and scrolling the screen from left to right or right to left the notification bar keeps dropping down for a few times even without any notifications. Is this a setting or an issue? Thanks

Yes - this is a known issue as of now. More details and a workaround on the thread below:

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Thanks Sharad for the quick response.


I have been using my 2e for several months now, and not once experienced the ghost notification drawer phenomenon. That is, until now.

It has now started to randomly swipe down, then back up again without any intervention from me. It was happening
a lot while I wrote messages on Telegram, and even when I didn’t touch the screen, it continues to pull down, then back up on its own.

I did not update Android since the SW16 update and there is no newly installed application in recent days that could be attributing to this behaviour.

Does anyone know the cause of this?
Also, I do not know why it has suddenly started to act up on my device after months of use.

It is important to note that the workaround is not sufficient as:

  1. I already have the SW16 update.
  2. I have been using LawnChair 2 since I received my device

Hi @Maiku - you can check few things:

  1. See if there is any moisture under your screen protector.
  2. Reboot
  3. Cache cleanup
  4. Backup and Factory reset