Swiping on home screen 2e

Not sure if anyone else is having this happen but very often when I swipe left or right on the home screen it keeps wanting to pull down the notification bar. It happens more than I would like and becomes a nuisance. I have the gesture navigation enabled.

That is a known issue as of now. We will fix it in our next SW update. In the meantime you could install alternate launchairs like Lawnchair 2 (open source), Nova or Microsoft launcher. (All available on play store)

Update: This has been fixed in SW16 update.


Awesome Sharad, glad to know. It was making me over think how I swipe lol.

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I came to ask the same question.

Thanks for the work around.

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Thank too.
The 2e arrived a few days ago here in germany and i thought my thick thumb wasn’t able to swip.