[ How-To ] Clear/Wipe the Cache Partition

Wiping the cache can fix many unexpected bugs, restarts, and other issues. It is different from a factory reset in that no user data is lost - all data is preserved.

  1. Enter Recovery Mode using these steps - [ Troubleshooting ] Recovery Mode.
  2. Use the Volume keys to navigate to “Wipe cache partition”. Press the power button to select it.
  3. When it’s done (1-2 seconds), select “Reboot system” and press the power key to select it.

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I’ve followed these instructions, but the option to “Wipe cache partition” is not among the options available to me. The closest option is: “Wipe data/factory reset”. That doesn’t seem to be what I need to do. My phone randomly restarts multiple times a day.


In fact, it restarted while in Recovery Mode

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How does your phone feel? Really warm? What does your battery look like? Any bulge/puff to it, or any excess heat? Is it securely in place and the back cover on tightly?

Have you given the unit a factory reset since you’ve observed this problem?

Any changes in the past few days?

If nothing improves with the reset you might need a warranty replacement.

Hi. I’m just seeing these messages. Doesn’t feel warm. The battery looks normal, doesn’t feel overly hot, and isn’t bulging. But it does move within the phone. The case was and is on tightly.


I’m willing to do a factory reset, but I’d rather not lose the time I spent adding contacts etc. I have seen a suggestion of Google backup, but I’m not sure how to use that. Advice?

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All the above sounds good. So it would appear the battery is in good physical health, so that’s a plus!

Case on tightly and secure is also excellent. Thank you for verifying with us!

For Google Backup, it likely was already setup when you first logged into the phone, and should be the default for your Contacts app to sync/backup to. If you go to the Settings app, click in the top search bar and type “Backup”, it should show you the result as the first (or one of the first) results. From there you can verify that Google Cloud Backup is on and see the toggle switches for the various items backed up to Google Cloud, as well as the status of the last sync as a small line of text.

Okay, will do this and do factory reset. Thanks for the quick responses.

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I completed the factory reset and the phone has randomly restarted twice today already. It doesn’t seem to have helped.

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Sorry for the trouble!

Can you email to support@myteracube.com so we can take a look at the warranty status of your device and open that new line of communication?