Teracube 2e: USB PD Chargers Do Not Work

I just got my Teracube 2e and noticed that all USB C-to-C chargers with Power Delivery do not work. The phone lights up a bit and then stops charging almost immediately. This affects the Google Pixel Charger, Mac Book Charger and any third party GaN/PD type charger. I’m left with having to fish out an ancient USB A charger. USB C-to-C should be an auto-negotiation process such that if the device does not accept PD wattage, it should continue to consume at an appropriate level (5V/2A as specified) instead of refusing to charge entirely. This is quite a let down so I’m wondering if it’s a hardware-specific issue or something that a flash-able firmware can resolve?

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Hi @YST - Congrats on receiving your Teracube 2e. We are very excited that the deliveries have started to happen :slight_smile:.

Sorry about the USB-C charging experience. This is a limitation of the Mediatek charging protocol. 2e can only charge with USB-A (regular USB socket) to USB-C chargers/cables and can not charge using USB-C PD chargers. I will get this added to the FAQ.

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Any chance upstream can take a look at this in the future?

I’d be happy with “Can’t charge at PD rates, but will still charge safely on PD equipment”

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Yes - we will look into this for future phones. Hopefully, the gap will also reduce by itself. What I mean is more chipset makers might start supporting PD by default.