Teracube One Android 10 updates

I am having an issue with Smart Lock. The trusted places I set stay active for about 24 hours, then they become inactive. I need to go into settings and retoggle the set location, then it will work again for about a day. Any one else having this type of issue?

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Are there any plans to have this update on our phones automatically? Or we still to wait for long

El El sáb, 12 jun 2021 a las 14:37, flyfree via Teracube Community <community@myteracube.com> escribió:

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I think they are just trying to smooth out a few minor kinks? Those like myself that downloaded and installed are the testers and reporting any issues to try and make sure it’s as perfect as possible for everyone else. I suspect it will be fairly soon.

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I tried this out - seems to be working fine at my place. Are you still having this issue?

Things I’ve noticed since updating:

  • Sometimes I won’t get notifications from apps like Signal unless I open the app. I’ve disabled battery optimization on the app but still run into this

  • Some apps won’t work, will freeze up, and then force quit or I’ll have to restart my device but that could be an app issue (maybe the Oregon air app isn’t developed well for Android 10 haha)

  • Wifi or cell signal can be finicky outside of my home, maybe that’s a signal strength issue outside of the phone. Can’t remember it in the 9 version but it could just be that switching from wifi to cellular service is slower on 10 than 9 or i had a setting toggled that was reset

Not sure if you have tried this?

Do you have the 10.0.0 build or 10.0.1 which fixed cellular signal issue over 10.0.0?

Hi Sharad,

I have been playing with mine to try and narrow down my DND no notification for people. I have the latest update. I have narrowed down some of my notification issues to custom ringtones, especially phone calls when dnd is on. Eg my wife’s howl ringtone works for text but not phone calls. Not sure if this is the same issue but wondering if they maybe related?

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Not sure on that. How have you set custom ringtones? Is it possible to revert to simple ringtone setup and try again?

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Hi Sharad,

Will double check the phone calls but I think I did get it to work with the stock ring tones. Sorry so much going on and I didn’t write down as I normally do. Will redo the testing tonight. With steps used to add it.


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I have 10.0.1

ok - I would suggest continue to monitor this. If there is something which is unique to our phone or build, then let us know.

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Hi All,

There is a newer 10.0.2 build out. Fixes wifi calling, AT&T and few other carrier related things. Check it out.

If everything looks good, we will roll it out OTA to all Android 9 users. Would love for some of you to try it out.

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So far so good for me locally. Fixed an issue that made our phones display “Emergency Calls Only”, despite actually working just fine.

And, much to my surprise and delight, Battery Life history has returned in this build!

It has fixed my black screen of death for phone calls, though needed the factory reset and not sure which trick to unstick the proximity sensor from build 10.1.1 but I did a number of restarts so that may have been part of it. I did have one day of issues with mobile data not connecting a few times but turning off the mobile data for a count of 3 and turned back on seems to be ok now. Battery life seems about the same as when I had android 9. Keeping an eye on the mobile data but only happened the one day and I was having a really bad day. LoL.

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Android 10 Official OTA… So let me be the first D-Bag to ask some obvious questions…

Android 12 is in final beta elsewhere, are we every going to see this on Teracube 1? At the very least 11?

What can we expect time frame … Seeing how far off the mark Teracube was one Android 10, I think we (the users / customers / community) should have get a reference point to when things should happen.

Teracube One will get Android 11 and 12 - both in sequence. Current plan is to have Android 11 Beta in 2-3 months timeframe followed by testing and final release. Internal work for Android 11 has already started. I agree - we are running quite behind with the Android versions. We will continue to shorten the time between releases and hopefully catch up with base Android versions in 1-2 years.


Some rather impatient people around reading this thread. I just did the over the air upgrade to android 10. And so far it has been nice. No problems, actually rather quick in terms of upgrades i’ve had seen in prior phones and versions of android. I will say that the camera app not having a pandoramic feature is a bit sad, but I suppose I can live with that until the next update to 11.

People forget Teracube is not a sumsung or apple with teams up on teams to get the job done quickly. But for the team they had, and the pandemic at hand, I think they did pretty decently.

Looking forward to seeing the learning curve drop off from lessons learned from android 10 rollout to see an even smoother android 11 rollout.


Has anyone done the upgrade 10.0.2 that was already on 10 and didn’t have to do a factory reset? I really want to avoid the factory reset but I also would like to get to the latest version. My phone is getting very laggy and slow. Hoping the latest upgrade would fix this.

@Sharad any update on when 10.0.2 is going to be packaged so it can be pushed out to phones? The post you linked above mentions that the pushed update wouldn’t require a factory reset.

10.0.2 is being pushed to users who were still on Android 9. However Alpha and 10.0.x users might need a reset going to 10.0.2 (Hence we haven’t made this an automatic upgrade).

Downloading from forums vs getting it via the OTA app does not make a difference.

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Looking at the post on 10.0.2 I suppose what I probably should have asked is any update on 10.1.0? Trying to avoid a factory reset but also don’t want to wait months so trying to weigh my decision.

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