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Downloadable Guide

Download the Thrive Quick Start Guide here (669.5 KB)

Thrive Parent App Links

GetItOnGooglePlay AppleAppStore

How to setup Thrive phone

(Time estimate: 5-10 mins)
Here is a simple walk through video for the setup

Initial Setup

  1. Power on the phone by pressing and holding the power button (lowermost button on right side)
  2. Start the setup and connect to Wifi
  3. Login with your childs’ google/gmail id. This will be needed later to install apps.
  4. Continue to follow the process.

Once setup is complete, you will reach the “home screen” which shows some apps at the bottom.

How to view all apps on the child’s phone

Swipe up from the home screen to see all the installed apps

Connect Thrive phone to the Parent app (for approvals)

Parents can manage the Thrive phone remotely from their own iPhone or Android smartphone. Things like app approvals, time limits and other features can all be done from the Thrive Parent app. Lets set this up.

  1. On the childs’ Thrive phone, open the Play store app nexus2cee_Play-Store-small(or any other blocked app). The Thrive phone will guide you to “Connect” to the parent phone.
  2. Hit Connect.
  3. Continue till you see the QR code. This QR code needs to be scanned from the Thrive Parent app running on the Parent’s phone (refer to the below section).

Install the Parent app on the Parent’s smartphone

  1. Install the Teracube Thrive Parent app on the parent’s phone
    GetItOnGooglePlay OR AppleAppStore
  2. Open the Teracube Thrive Parent app and login. Once inside, create a child profile.
  3. The parent app will ask you to scan the QR code on the thrive phone. Scan the QR code that showed on the childs’ Thrive phone.
  4. Once the QR code is scanned, both phones should show Connected.
    Note : In some rare cases, the parent app keeps loading forever after scanning the QR code. We are working on fixing it. If this happens to you, then force “kill” the parent app and reopen it. If you don’t know how to force kill the app, then simply power off your parent phone and power it back on.

How to approve apps

  1. Open the Teracube Thrive Parent app on the parent’s iPhone or Android. (If not set up already, click here)
  2. Go to the child profile > Manage apps
  3. Find the app under “Blocked apps”. Open the app listing and toggle “Allow App”. Hit Save Changes.
    App should get allowed on the Thrive phone.

Setup FAQ and troubleshooting

Q1 : I did everything but the Parent app does not seem to be approving apps

There might be some problem during set up. Here is how you can delete the old child profile and then add it again.

  1. Open the Parent app on your iPhone or Android

  2. Tap the exiting child profile

  3. Tap the 3-dots on the top-right and then tap “Manage”

  4. On the “Update” screen, tap the 3-dots and then tap “Delete profile”

  5. Now your old child profile should be deleted.

  6. On your child’s Thrive phone, open Play store or any other blocked app - it should be blocked. Tap the gear icon or “Connect” button and follow instructions till you see the QR code

  7. On the Parent app (running on the parent’s smartphone), add a new child profile and scan the QR code shown on thrive phone.

If these steps do not work, then please contact us using the contact information at the top of this guide.

Q2: Tapping on the child profile in Parent app does not do anything

It seems there was a problem during setup. Follow the instructions in the above question Q1 to delete the old child profile and repeat the setup again.

Q3: I do not see the "Add Child" button in Parent app dashboard

It is possible that your iPhone or Android display is zoomed in.

  1. Go to Parent’s phone Display settings (iPhone or Android) and change the display size to Standard.
  2. Power off the Parent phone and power it on again.
  3. Open the Parent app. You should see the “Add Child” button now.
Q4: The loading circle continues forever in the Parent app

If this happens, then close kill the Parent app by swiping it out. If you do not know how to kill the app, then power off the parent phone and power it back on. Now open the Parent app again.

Using Thrive Phone


Open the phone dialer app and call any number or contact

Installing apps

  1. Approve “Play store” in the Teracube Parent app > Child Profile > Manage apps.
  2. On the child’s phone, open the Play store nexus2cee_Play-Store-small and search for your favorite app. Note: Installing any app requires a google login if you have not logged in already.

Note: After installation, open the newly installed app once. It will ask for approval - you can then approve it from the Teracube Parent app. Read here on How to approve apps

How to view all apps

Swipe up from the home screen to see all the apps.

Teracube Wireless

Teracube Wireless is a premium wireless service offered by Teracube. It is powered by T-Mobile and features nationwide coverage and affordable contract-free plans. Learn more on the Teracube Thrive page at myteracube.com/thrive.

How to activate Teracube Wireless plan

  1. Visit myteracube.com/wireless from the Parent’s iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Click “Start now” and enter your email address.
  3. Enter the ICCID number from the SIM card enclosure (locate it inside the box) or the IMEI 1 number from the back of the brown box.
  4. Select a plan and complete the signup process.

Watch this quick demo video on how to activate our wireless plan within minutes

Visit Teracube Wireless FAQ (link) for more information.

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Hi. I just got my son a new phone using teracube. I want to change the control settings for level of apps “allowed” to “everyone” so I can install the Family Link app. And I can’t figure out where to change these settings.

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Have you setup the Parent app on another device and linked your son’s phone to that?

Hi @Amber_Schmit - apologies for the late reply. Yes, we can disable the Thrive system from the backend for your Thrive phone. Here are the instructions

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