Very disappointed due to missing updates

Thanks for explaining.

But that was months ago, so you apparently made no further effort to fix this roaming issue after the recall.

I don’t permanently live at a border, but often enough by visit. So I unfortunately can’t consider installing this update. (But a buggy update that has to be installed the tricky manual way is honestly not my idea of decent support anyway.)

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Thanks, my A11 update loaded without a hitch, now just waiting for security update, the one I just got is 5 October 21


Here still no update.

Edit: To be more precise: no automatically offered update.

Unfortunately, I can’t install the linked Andoid 11 upgrade because then the hotspot function (which is indispensable for me) allegedly won’t work anymore.

Agreed. We are waiting to fix FM for the automatic update (OTA) which is proving to be tricky.

Hotspot fix should come in the next update.


Two weeks shy of a year since the last security update.
This is ridiculous. I posted my concerns about the lack of security updates 2 months ago and have been patiently waiting for an update.

Android 11 was released recently for the first batch of 2e’s but it’s not without issues. Not to mention that apparently A11 doesn’t have the latest security updates either.

Can someone please update me on when a new security patch will be released?

Hi @Maiku - we are working on both fronts - fixing the reported issues and a new security update (will follow on heals of April 2022 update for T2e 2nd batch).


Hi Sharad, any news about the EU update?

Hi @Quax - the [Certified] Android 11 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020) is applicable for EU users as well.

I have noted that the Android 11 updates are full of issues.
Even with the latest 11.0.2 update, I am reading posts of users switching to a different phone.

I want to keep using my Teracube 2e as my primary device. As such, I choose to remain on Android 10 for the time being.

Is there any chance of providing the latest security updates for Android 10? I want to be able to have a secure, fully functioning phone for years to come.

Many thanks.

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The lack of timely security patches means that I cannot use the teracube 2e for anything other than media consumption. I do not feel comfortable doing anything that involves financial accounts or purchasing goods and services online. I understand how difficult it is for a small phone company to update software. Even the mammoth companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Google constantly have to issue updates to fix bugs or zero day exploits.

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Hi @Maiku, the 11.0.2 update is quite stable and has a similar performance as Android 10. The performance is the biggest improvement since the original Android 11.0 update. I have been using it as my primary device for quite some time now.

I’ll suggest you give it a try. In the worst case, you can always go back using SP Flash.

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There’s still no OTA update for Android 11, plus I keep reading about degraded performance since updating.

I do not wish to update at the expense of performance.

Not only have there been no security patches for Android 10, it seems as though the Android 11 build is also falling behind on security patches, which is not reassuring.

I got a Teracube 2e for the promise of 4 year support and updates. It’s a shame that the team is unable to deliver on them.

I have all but lost hope in expecting timely updates for my device.

I will consider purchasing a mainstream phone next.

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Hi @Maiku a new update 11.0.3 is available now!

100 percent! How can a product be sustainable if it’s unusable? I just purchased a mainstream phone and it’s working soooooo much better. Good luck to you and everyone else experiencing issues.

Any news on security updates for Android 10 or the official FOTA Android 11 release with the latest security updates?

Checking in to request an update on the security patches for Android 10 and Android 11.

I see work has started on Android 12. Any chance in seeing December 2022 security updates for 10 and 11 too?


Our current focus is on Android 12 with the latest security patches. Once that is out, there won’t be any need for updating the previous builds.


Checking in once again.

I recall techyminati responding to a request for a FOTA release of Android 11 a while ago, which would not require additional manual steps to download and install. I am still waiting for that. In the mean time, all I ask for is a security update for Android 10.

There was a release of A11 since his post, however, it’s not an official FOTA release and requires users to understand how to backup their phones and manually install the update, which is not something the general user knows how to do. Not to mention, if something goes wrong, they are at risk of bricking their device, and the steps to roll back are tedious and risky.

When will general users receive timely security updates for their 2e devices?

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I think it is encouraging to see that they managed to release a certified Android 11 build after all. Taking into account their seemingly limited resources I think it is reasonable to move their resources to Android 12, although this means we will see no (security) updates for our phones for the time being. I very much hope 12 comes out any time soon, certified version that is.

@Sharad and team: keep going!


Sharad mentioned that the are busy with the 11.0.4 FOTA rollout back in November last year.

I have yet to receive this update and it seems to me that their focus is entirely on Android 12 now based on comments I have read.

What I find as deceiving is that they put my hopes up with this empty promise and then proceeded to ditch the FOTA release out of the blue to focus on Android 12.

All I ask for is support for my device and they seem to keep dropping the ball on that front.

Not to mention that the whole point of a FOTA release is for updates to be pushed to all Teracube users.

Now only the people who visit the forums and are willing to update manually get any sort of support.

Even when I open the software updater now and check for updates, it states that there are no updates available, which is clearly not the case.

If you want to try out alpha and beta releases, then be my guest and join the forums and update your phone manually. Just don’t expect everyone to be enthusiasts such as yourselves. The general public expects updates to be provided via FOTA releases or through the update app.