Very disappointed due to missing updates

When I bought my Teracube 2e in May 2021, I did so with confidence in the promised long-term warranty and regular updates for a long time. But how much are such promises worth when there are obviously no updates at all?

My device (Android 10 - 4.9.190) works fine for the most part, but it never got any update. It reports a security update status as of November 5, 2020!!! A search for newer updates is fruitless and claims the device is up to date. I have a lot of understanding for difficulties of smaller startup projects, but after all this is not your first device, and such apparent neglect of security aspects I consider unacceptable!

A similar complaint - one of many - existed already before I had bought my device, almost a full year ago! You then promised a release within “the next 2-3 months”, but obviously it didn’t even happen until now.

You can’t cure unfulfilled promises with new unfulfilled promises. The lack of regular and timely security updates is nothing less than a serious product defect. So what are you going to do in order to really and sustainably fix it?

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Though I am not as disappointed as the OP, because I did not expect too much from a 200$ phone, it is a bit frustrating that updates are so slow. I installed the US version on my EU phone here in Germany and it works fine (SW16 I think).You might want to try this. However, still May 2021.

Also teracube made some statements here in this forum, as to when to expect updates, which turned out to be premature. Currently it seems they are again late on the 11 update for the 2021 2e, which was announced to be available end of January. Let alone the EU version…

So my proposal would be for teracube to really make sure they deliver on their own statements. I would really appreciate this one 11 update (with recent security updates), so I could use my 2e, which I really like, for let’s say 9 more months. After that, we will see. I would than consider it a worthy buy.

Thank you

Hi @trader2019 and @mare - I understand your frustration. We got the Android 11 base from Mediatek but then ran into the TEE issue which the team is working on as of now. I hesitate in giving a timeline since we have already gone past that. However, we will provide an update (here) going forward every 2-3 weeks till we release Android 11 for the 1st batch.


Hi @Sharad, thanks for sharing this information. Good to hear that the update is on its way. I believe it is a good approach to post a status update from time to time.



I am growing increasingly concerned with the lack of security updates. As mentioned, we were promised frequent updates, yet my 2e is 8 months behind the current security update. Last security update indicates May 5th, 2021. These updates should be available on a monthly basis due to increasing security risks. Not too long ago, there was the whole log4j vulnerability that was detected. How am I to ensure that my version of Android isn’t using it in any way? If indeed it contains a vulnerable version of log4j, then I would anticipate to have a security update to fix the issue. Security should be a primary concern over new versions of the 2e or running LineageOS or /e/ in my humble opinion. Heck, as much as I would like to update to Android 11 (better yet, 12), I would much prefer to know that my device is kept safe with the latest security updates installed.


I have been very pleased with my teracube 2e that I received through the Indiegogo campaign. The sustainability factor was my main reason for the purchase. I want teracube to be a success because I share the vision of sustainable smartphones. However, I am growing increasingly doubtful about teracube’s ability to develop either timely security or system updates for their phones. As a small startup with limited staff, teracube lacks the resources to frequently update the operating system for the phones. That means that my personal security is at risk because security patches are not done on a timely basis. Google does it every month for its pixels. My One Plus does it every two months. Google is developing Android 13 now while teracube is still on Android 10. Perhaps it is time for teracube to reconsider its approach. Wouldn’t it make sense for teracube to partner with another group to work on timely updates? Much of the content of the forums is related to the installation of alternative operating systems. It should not be necessary for teracube phone owners to rely on alternative os systems. It really is time for you guys to get your act together and focus on updates of Android.

Hi @spencer_silberstein @Maiku - Agreed 100%. I’ll post an update from the Dev team within 1-2 days.

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Just posted an update here with biweekly updates to follow:

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Because of the current conflict in Europe and possibility of cyber-attacks, it really is imperative for Teracube 2e to receive updates asap.Thanks.Love the phone & sustainability concept, but lack of updates isn’t safe.

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Hi @Sharad

Going forward what is the expected cadence for the 2e to receive updates to the Android security patch level?

I understand that teracube is a small start up and I support the sustainability mission. I love my 2e and have been using it for the past year. Biggest reason why I purchased the 2e was for the 3 years of updates and 4 years warranty.

Biggest disappointment is the lack of security updates being available for the both devices (One & 2e). While I understand that the Beta software versions have have recent security patches in them, they are Beta software versions, meaning they are rough around the edges and not ready for mainstream use.

I have emails with support last year (January 2021) asking about the security updates and what was the expected cadence to have them packaged and delivered to devices. At the time, it was 4 to 6 months with the expectation of delivering them quarterly, which I am happy with. However, since the SW16 update last year I am growing exceptionally frustrated each day past the 6 month window, without getting a newer security patch installed on my 2e.


Received 2e Feb. 2021 with security patch level of November 2020.

July of 2021, I was able to get SW16 installed which included security patch level of May 2021.

Present: 2/25/2022 - Almost 8 months with no updates to the security patch level. (Patch level is almost 10 months old)

Again, I want to stress I love the teracube mission and support it. I understand that newer versions of Android may have more bells and whistles. But I think for the teracube mission of sustainability, there should be a ‘higher’ priority and focus placed on the security patches that are needed to keep our personal devices and data safe.


Hi @MichaelScott - I hear your concerns. The Dev team’s whole focus right now is to bring the 2 Teracube 2e batches in sync and continue development from there. I’ll be posting periodic updates to this thread. Regarding the cadence, I hesitate in giving any ETA since we have not met what we thought we could do earlier. That said, our goal is to get to 4-6 month frequency as soon as we can.


I just now noticed how long it has been since we have received a patch level. Nearly a year. This is unacceptable! For all intents and purposes, the Teracube 2E is an abandoned device. Running it is extremely risky as there have been many serious security patches since May of last year.

Also, the marketing information for the 2e said it would receive 3 years of software updates. You didn’t even make it to 1 year of software updates. Perhaps this is an issue which needs to be referred to the Federal Trade Commission. It is certainly clear that this is not a device which can be expected to remain in operation for four years, again as was advertised.

I, for one, will be filing an FTC complaint. For those wishing to also make the authorities aware of their complaints, you can do so by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP or online at

I wanted to believe in a sustainable device, but the support is just not there.

Hi @Robert_Lowe - I’m reposting my reply from the other thread here. I apologize for the delayed software updates. However, while the software updates are lagging a bit behind, our Tech team is actively assisting all our customers with their software and hardware issues. We are actively working on our Android 11 update (for 2021 T2e) and should be releasing an Alpha test build this week.

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Hi @Sharad.
There being no planned stable security update for 2021 Teracube 2e owners means that Teracube are not abiding by their own terms of purchase that clearly promise 3 years of updates.

Being a “young small company” doesn’t mean you are not liable, all the more so as the 2e was not the first device Teracube made and sold.
Furthermore, the device came with hidden bloatware that self attributes full permissions over the device.

You took our money based on trust we placed in the promises made by Teracube and you are not delivering on a fundamental one.

I suggest that all 2021 Teracube 2e owners manifest their discontent in replying to this message and request a replacement device that does abide by the promises made.


Hi @Elzeard, I agree - we are behind our promise. However, Dev team is on it and making progress. I am testing an internal A11 build for the 2021 units while typing this post.

We have learned our lesson. All our other builds - T1 (A9), T1 (A10), T2e (2021-SW6), T2e (2022-A11) are clean with no extra apps. T2e (2021-SW16) is the only build where Mediatek added Joyn thinking it might be needed for AT&T. And as I agreed earlier, it is not coded with the best permission setup. That said, we trust Mediatek as without that we won’t be able to use much code (both our phones get source code from them).

All that said, we are making sure that the upcoming T2e (2021-A11) will be clean without any extra apps.

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This is very poor, not having had security updates on my 2e since 5th May 21. I had hoped to use this as my main phone when I bought it using both my sims. However as I need to use banking apps etc (don’t we all), I have now lost faith & will be looking to buy a new phone, but not from you guys. It’s a shambles


As I mentioned in another thread. I am filing a complaint with the FTC. I recommend other 2021 2e owners do the same.

You can report fraud to the FTC online at: or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP. False advertising is illegal, and this company needs to be held to account for putting us at risk with their false promises.

That they freely admitted that there is no plan to support our devices makes them willfully negligent.

Hi @Robert_Lowe - I’m not sure where you got the impression that we are not supporting our devices. While the software updates are lagging a bit behind, our support team is actively assisting all our customers with their software and hardware issues. We are currently working on our Android 11 update (for 2021 T2e) and should be releasing an Alpha test build this week.

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I fully agree to @Robert_Lowe. I repeat myself: My T2E still reports a security update status as of 2020!!! Contrary to all promises, nothing tangible has happened since then. That’s dramatically more than “a bit behind”, Mr. Sharad!

This is a situation in which further stalling and apologies can only be perceived as mockery, but can’t hide a fundamental structural problem, may it be incompetence or massive understaffing. The team has long since proven that it is incapable of even coming close to fulfilling the full-bodied update promises that have been highlighted as one of the most essential product features.

By the way: regular security updates are not a “nice feature”, but a damn must!

The said structural problem was already apparent more than a year ago, there would have been time enough to take countermeasures. Every further excuse, instead of simply delivering what is necessary, only strengthens the suspicion that they are not even willing to tackle this fundamental problem causally, but instead try to “muddle through”. Customers are being left in the lurch.

Teracube is long since about to ruin its reputation abysmally. By now, I feel fooled and regret the purchase.

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This is where I got the impression you are not supporting your devices:

I think you need a bit of a reality check. Based on its specs, an unlocked phone comparable to theTeracube 2e would have a fair market value of around $150.00. The value added by this device is ONLY in its length of support and software updates. The extra money is for its four year life.

Had I bought a low end Moto G last year at $160, for example, I would have received a faster phone which would have received security patches on a timely schedule. The difference is, I thought, that Motorolla would have abandoned their phone after two years, while yours would still have support for an additional year, maybe even two. In fact, support for your device ended after just six months.