When I answer a phone call, the phone defaults to having the speaker on

Very often when I have a call, the loud speaker is on and I have to turn it off manually…
Does anyone else have this issue?

Could you please try the steps mentioned in this post (you can skip step 1)

I don’t think my issue was well understood, so I’ll attach a screenshot, as pictures are worth thousands of words :slight_smile:
As you can see, I answered a phone call and the speaker is on. This happens most of the times when I answer phone calls.
Does this explanation make sense? Thanks!

Thanks for the screenshot - got the issue from your original post as well :slight_smile: . Infact I have seen it sometimes myself as well. The suggestion to clear storage and cache from the (Google) Phone app still stays - please try that and check. If that doesn’t work, then you could try a different phone app altogether (there are a few 3rd party and open source ones).

I am also having this issue on a relatively inconsistent/occasional basis. I cleared the storage and cache but it still seems to happen.

@Sharad, I did what you said and the issue is still happening. It doesn’t happen all the time… I’d say one third of the calls start with the speaker on.
Thanks for looking into this. Let me know if you need more information in order to, hopefully, address it in a future update.

Could you try this step which worked for a slightly different problem